Will It Valentine's Day Chocolate? Taste Test

Lots of things pair well with chocolate, but what about when Mythical Chef Josh gets involved? Today we’re answering the age-old question… Will it Valentine’s Day Chocolate? GMM #1480
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  1. Lorenzos Galaxy

    Lorenzos Galaxy

    Годину тому

    How many times did link say union on chips and dip 👇

  2. Hoshimaru57


    14 годин тому

    Lipstick is made from fish scales I’ve always heard.

  3. Austin Franklin

    Austin Franklin

    16 годин тому

    They can probably taste the tears

  4. The TubberNaught

    The TubberNaught

    17 годин тому

    Anyone else notice they used the it’s always sunny theme song in the beginning lol

  5. Travis House

    Travis House

    19 годин тому

    Please do “ will it coffee”

  6. Jenna Smith

    Jenna Smith

    20 годин тому

    Y’all should make a “Will it casserole”

  7. Vivian Nguyen

    Vivian Nguyen

    22 години тому

    You should do will it ramen like so that they can see

  8. Kiwi857


    22 години тому

    I don't know why I found it so funny that Link got hit with chocolate syrup but I seriously laughed for the first 5 minutes of this video! Every time he turned his head I'd start up again! XD

  9. JakeGoesOnline


    23 години тому

    What if y’all did an episode of Will It but you don’t tell them what it is until after they eat it?

  10. Caleb Archer

    Caleb Archer

    23 години тому

    Thanks for buying Smosh. NOW I LIKE YOU GUYS EVEN MORE

  11. Fanfangaming


    День тому

    Who think they should do a callob with james charles and they do a video about will it makeup

  12. Eugenesis


    День тому

    Was that the always sunny in Philadelphia theme?

  13. Katie Farquhar

    Katie Farquhar

    День тому

    You guys should do “WILL IT CASSEROLE”...!

  14. Michael Boydston

    Michael Boydston

    День тому


  15. Michael Boydston

    Michael Boydston

    День тому

    This episode had a good budget, but most of it was spent on the costume

  16. Absalohm


    День тому

    Don't know if you'll ever read this but you guys ruin the point of watching the video if the thumbnail already says what nasty thing you're gonna eat. We watch these things to discover what kind of messed up you'll put in your mouth... If you already tell us then there's no point.

  17. ARagTagHooligan


    2 дні тому

    Am I crazy or was it once "dink it, link it, and sink it" not just sink and sink and the link was like interconnecting their hands? Did I imagine this?

  18. k o

    k o

    2 дні тому

    The type of chocolate gift you give to an ex.

  19. triandi sunaryaII

    triandi sunaryaII

    2 дні тому

    dang, how could they eat lipstick

  20. SIMPA


    2 дні тому

    I can see clearly now, the lamb is gone 🎶🎶

  21. Erin Carroll

    Erin Carroll

    2 дні тому

    *boil it for safety*

  22. Extremlit team Sage

    Extremlit team Sage

    2 дні тому

    you should put this on the gmm website

  23. Extremlit team Sage

    Extremlit team Sage

    2 дні тому

    can you do more will it please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Livster Dictionary

    Livster Dictionary

    2 дні тому

    List of Will It Ideas coming at ya! Will It Gum? Will It Coffee? Will It Salt & Pepper? Will It Potato? Will It Hot Sauce? Will It Yogurt?

  25. Mr. Pandemonium

    Mr. Pandemonium

    2 дні тому

    I wish they would play bean boozeled

  26. Angelica Rose

    Angelica Rose

    2 дні тому

    Can we all just appreciate Link? 😂 Like, we joke and tease about his gag habit, but at the end of the day, these two men still eat ridiculous, disgusting things that a lot of us wouldn't, and would gag at ourselves!! So, round of applause for doing this so we don't have to lads 👏👏👏 (also Chase 👏😂)

  27. morgan boo

    morgan boo

    3 дні тому

    do Will it Mochi!!!

  28. MalchiorFoxWolf


    3 дні тому

    Link looks like he layed his face in dog shit XD

  29. Courtney


    3 дні тому

    Anyone else that the intro(will it Valentine's day chocolate part) the song was the same song from the always sunny in Philadelphia opening??

  30. BasLindo


    3 дні тому

    Link is getting more awkward as the years go by...

  31. Harambe Fan girl 236

    Harambe Fan girl 236

    3 дні тому

    They should have named the center chocolate “eye candy”

  32. Tessa Turner

    Tessa Turner

    3 дні тому

    Did anyone else notice that little tiny bead of chocolate fall down Links shirt at 1:06? As if he used that stuff you can spray on your clothes and food just beads up and falls off 🧐🧐🧐

  33. Ethan Simpson

    Ethan Simpson

    3 дні тому

    You know you're crazy when you're arguing about cow placentas and goat placentas. LMAO

  34. TheHomeMediaCollector Productions

    TheHomeMediaCollector Productions

    4 дні тому

    Will It Oreo?

  35. Jaxon H.

    Jaxon H.

    4 дні тому

    So I take it you two are vegans?

  36. akaiyukihana


    4 дні тому

    The quail egg was egg-cellent huh

  37. Osiris


    4 дні тому

    Will it soft drink

  38. Gachaily


    4 дні тому

    Have you guys done will it dip?

  39. Have you seen Gavin?

    Have you seen Gavin?

    4 дні тому

    Aye its the theme from its always sunny in Philadelphia

  40. Fancy Chicken

    Fancy Chicken

    4 дні тому

    Will it Soda? Will it Chicken Wing? Will it Pudding? LIKE SO GMM CAN SEE 😄

  41. Sutton Balogna

    Sutton Balogna

    4 дні тому

    i wonder if they get their animal parts from good and sustainable sources as opposed to nasty meat farms/factories.... they eat animal products all the time but do they just get whats cheapest and easiest, or actually consider where its coming from?

  42. Loko Logie

    Loko Logie

    4 дні тому


  43. Loko Logie

    Loko Logie

    4 дні тому

    This video is okay

  44. Kasey Golden

    Kasey Golden

    4 дні тому

    Did someone say "Teeny Weeny"? :D

  45. Gizmo The Dog

    Gizmo The Dog

    4 дні тому

    Ha “Eggcelent”

  46. Crocodile Dundee

    Crocodile Dundee

    5 днів тому

    Will it knife?

  47. Lucymarie Dalton

    Lucymarie Dalton

    5 днів тому

    To boldly go where no chocolate has gone before.

  48. Ithmiths


    5 днів тому

    Hey... i like eyeball.... squid and cow eyeball.... haven’t tried baaa balls tho

  49. Megan Harris

    Megan Harris

    5 днів тому

    Have they done Will it Nacho? Like piles of stuff with cheese and salsa, etc. On it. Or corn chips with random stuff on top of it

  50. Mithusila Miguel

    Mithusila Miguel

    5 днів тому

    "i can see clearly now the lamb 'is gowwn'"😂 Link 2019

  51. magnopoliss


    5 днів тому

    Mr. Hilton: Oh, we use only the finest baby frogs, dew-picked and flown from Iraq, cleansed in the finest quality spring water, lightly killed, and sealed in a succulent, Swiss, quintuple-smooth, treble-milk chocolate envelope, and lovingly frosted with glucose. Inspector: That's as may be, but it's still a frog!

  52. Bob Sacamano

    Bob Sacamano

    5 днів тому

    I am frequently amazed by Josh's creations. In a way, I get scared he will leave the show when he opens his own incredibly successful restaurant, but also believe there can't be a more fun and creative way to display his talents. This may possibly be a chef's dream job.

  53. divasinger 5

    divasinger 5

    5 днів тому

    So gross. I can't stop watching.

  54. Lukas Clements

    Lukas Clements

    5 днів тому

    "Do I have a teeny weeny?" Link 2019.

  55. Trimko


    5 днів тому

    Chase could be in a japanese commercial advertising as a chocolate bar. Senpaaii give me the coco!

  56. Mel1017


    5 днів тому

    Cmon, Greeks eat lamb eyeballs all the time! Oh and now you gotta have a “heart and sole meal” combining honestly any animal heart and shoes lmao

  57. Leonard Collins

    Leonard Collins

    5 днів тому

    I've been watching your videos for a long time, but not until today did I realize you guys are like part of the hipster pantheon. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

  58. LlamaPlayz K

    LlamaPlayz K

    5 днів тому


  59. bailey


    5 днів тому

    I heard that always sunny music, I heard it 😂

  60. Alejandra Charles

    Alejandra Charles

    5 днів тому

    The vibe between them has changed

  61. Caterina La Rosa

    Caterina La Rosa

    5 днів тому

    Please someone tells me that I’m not the only one who thought BTS when they said Panda Express 😂😂😂💜💜💜

  62. Sasha Ryu

    Sasha Ryu

    5 днів тому

    Chase is such a sweet little baby

  63. jen willis

    jen willis

    5 днів тому

    Seems like forever since we have had a will it episode 😂

  64. Cool girl 123

    Cool girl 123

    5 днів тому

    When this video was made Happy Valentines Day.

  65. rockarolla rex

    rockarolla rex

    5 днів тому

    reminds me of the monty python skit. crunchy frog!

  66. Skye Howlter

    Skye Howlter

    6 днів тому

    They try the gross chocolates so you don't have to.

  67. Sam V

    Sam V

    6 днів тому

    "Hazard's a weird word. What does it really mean?" Imma remember these words the next time I do something questionable.

  68. Kyle Roten

    Kyle Roten

    6 днів тому

    Do I have a tini weeny. No comit

  69. Kyle Roten

    Kyle Roten

    6 днів тому

    I requested these 2 years ago I also requested will it turkey stuffing

  70. joe bennett

    joe bennett

    6 днів тому

    He got gizzed on by the chocolate bar lmao...

  71. Lucinda Mobley

    Lucinda Mobley

    6 днів тому

    Next Will it should be 'Will it Fajita'. They've done Will it Taco, Burrito, and Pinata, so this could add to that legacy.

  72. Amanda Le Loup

    Amanda Le Loup

    6 днів тому

    Pizza, will it Jell-O?

  73. Lilly Baker

    Lilly Baker

    6 днів тому

    they have very low standards. if it doesn't make them throw up, its good

  74. Aleah Griffin

    Aleah Griffin

    6 днів тому

    You can see at 2:43 where Link sees what the middle one is but has to hold in his disgust 😂

  75. Ariel Steinsaltz

    Ariel Steinsaltz

    6 днів тому

    Why were there no good ones?

  76. Rocket Man

    Rocket Man

    6 днів тому

    Go on vacation apart from each other for a while

  77. Alley Bartlett

    Alley Bartlett

    6 днів тому

    Link isn't Link without glasses

  78. Jonathan Rayburn

    Jonathan Rayburn

    6 днів тому

    You’re a cook not a philosopher

  79. bleachismyfriend


    6 днів тому

    what about a “Will it Cookie Sandwich?” episode?

  80. damis parask

    damis parask

    6 днів тому

    That raw whale egg,should be eggcelent...!!

  81. Timothy Brown

    Timothy Brown

    6 днів тому

    Josh cracks me up!

  82. Riley Lewis

    Riley Lewis

    7 днів тому

    They should do eyeball meat ball. 😏😃 If that's even possible.

  83. Rageify


    7 днів тому

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the intro rant by Rhett, well said

  84. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    7 днів тому

    Link: chocolate does help, chocolate does help😂

  85. Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    7 днів тому

    Chocolate orange glaze chicken 😂 love this episode of good mythical morning.

  86. Imelda Chong

    Imelda Chong

    7 днів тому

    Will it Boba ?



    7 днів тому

    When your done pooping. Will It Go Down? Let's talk about that...

  88. Liam Toye

    Liam Toye

    7 днів тому

    0:42 lol at the bootleg royalty-free 2 Unlimited

  89. Jae games

    Jae games

    7 днів тому

    If ur single on valentines day dont worry its not like somebody will love you any other day of the year

  90. Sophie Caco

    Sophie Caco

    7 днів тому

    My favorite “Will it challenge” was the “Will it ice cream sandwich”

  91. chris stath

    chris stath

    7 днів тому

    did link get old cause his hair is dating him !

  92. Viktor Lion-Wolf

    Viktor Lion-Wolf

    7 днів тому

    I swear, these two eat the craziest things, aside from the more, or somewhat normal things, like the mres, or well... normal food., but, it is fun to watch them do this, and at the same time, wonder why they do this to themselves.

  93. Triest Wright

    Triest Wright

    7 днів тому

    I think Josh gets just a little too much sadistic pleasure from his job am I right?

  94. Wcndrlxnd


    7 днів тому

    They should test how much "hurt" chocolate can cover, and cover the top 5 most disgusting things they've eaten in chocolate and see if it makes the things more palatable.

  95. Emma Ingram

    Emma Ingram

    7 днів тому

    So I started a diet last month and I was sad that I couldn't have chocolate but then my dad got me sugar free chocolate I love you dad

  96. Elle Gosnay

    Elle Gosnay

    7 днів тому

    chips and chocolate actually taste really good

  97. TheYummyBurrito


    7 днів тому

    Seeing them bend over backwards to come up with an acceptable excuse to give the thing they clearly hate eating a yes just because it looks better than giving everything a no is a fascinating thing

  98. Aidan from roblox

    Aidan from roblox

    7 днів тому

    what about "will it salad?"

  99. TheDSSlayer


    7 днів тому

    lets be honest if chase hadn't been working with GMM for a couple of years im pretty sure link would of gave him the sack there LOOOL

  100. *Shadow843*


    7 днів тому

    A REAL creme egg!