Will It Hair Gel?

We’re constantly on the lookout for the next big thing and we have some ideas about what could be the next big hair gel trends! GMM #1509
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  1. Timothy Baker

    Timothy Baker

    Годину тому

    Who remembers when links hair went down

  2. Elvis Angel

    Elvis Angel

    5 годин тому

    Can’t get over the fact he has a Bob Ross shirt on right now

  3. BTS Lover

    BTS Lover

    9 годин тому

    Was I the only one that felt that David was extremely attractive........ or just me....... oops...

  4. Hshsh Shsh

    Hshsh Shsh

    17 годин тому

    He looks like ninja 7:43

  5. Hshsh Shsh

    Hshsh Shsh

    17 годин тому

    He looks like ninja

  6. Avacado Avocado

    Avacado Avocado

    День тому

    I love Rhett’s Bob Ross t.shirt

  7. CX Hava

    CX Hava

    День тому

    Give me your shirt Rhett.

  8. Paige


    День тому

    I know people that use toothpaste when they run out of hair gel

  9. Princessjosie101


    День тому

    You guys should do will it fragrance?

  10. Fabulously Ashlyn

    Fabulously Ashlyn

    День тому

    Love this episode... except when Link said N-E-V-O-D-A that just got to me 😂😂

  11. poorest*mans_gaming 6991

    poorest*mans_gaming 6991

    День тому

    It's links old haircut

  12. Emma.E. Black

    Emma.E. Black

    День тому

    I love the bob ross shirt i would rock that shirt!

  13. Annabelle Harvey

    Annabelle Harvey

    День тому

    I think the toothpaste was good the volunteer just had really curly hair

  14. Kimbaesan


    2 дні тому

    Will it peep ?? Will it Easter basket??

  15. _Do The Math_

    _Do The Math_

    2 дні тому

    Who else thinks Jordan when he gels his hair looks like Dustin from Stranger Thing when he goes to the snow ball and Dustin styles his hair with the hair spray?

  16. Dylan G

    Dylan G

    2 дні тому

    The art director looked like Sonic the hedgehog

  17. thatperson 500

    thatperson 500

    2 дні тому

    did anyone catch that joke at 3:18

  18. Bad Sandy

    Bad Sandy

    2 дні тому

    eek toothpaste will make your hair fall out!

  19. Raja Cherif

    Raja Cherif

    3 дні тому

    Bob Ross !!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰!!! In his T-shirt

  20. High Cloud

    High Cloud

    3 дні тому

    No Jordan you're beautiful with your toothpaste hair

  21. Larissa


    3 дні тому

    Dude he's not gonna get that crayon out of his hair...he's gonna have to shave his head .

  22. Larissa


    3 дні тому


  23. Tyreik Kelly

    Tyreik Kelly

    3 дні тому

    Hahaha they put ducking toothpaste in the night hair. Look at his face. Haha Haha 🤭🤭🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. gabe hovi

    gabe hovi

    3 дні тому

    No you look great nervously

  25. Ikester 2016

    Ikester 2016

    4 дні тому

    0:26 that glimmer on links glasses (づ◕ Ѡ ◕)づ

  26. Nigel Cooper

    Nigel Cooper

    4 дні тому

    14:33 Oh, that's nice to say to your fans, Rhett.

  27. mabbyzee


    4 дні тому


  28. _T0b14s_


    4 дні тому

    Happy little universe.

  29. Zoey Vincent

    Zoey Vincent

    4 дні тому

    Love your bob Ross tee shirt!

  30. ♤♡Jessica♡♤


    4 дні тому

    3:17 he doesnt like his life i think

  31. Spencer Mullins

    Spencer Mullins

    5 днів тому

    “That’s a boneus “

  32. darksparrow111 ????

    darksparrow111 ????

    5 днів тому

    They should have used peanut butter ɷ◡ɷ

  33. Ella Hennings

    Ella Hennings

    5 днів тому

    Is anyone going to talk about Rhett’s shirt?😂

  34. Pink Tuna

    Pink Tuna

    6 днів тому

    *Bob ross shirt*

  35. J Lee

    J Lee

    6 днів тому

    I wonder how many times the "volunteers" actually willingly volunteered..... 😂

  36. Gio Pitsiakos

    Gio Pitsiakos

    6 днів тому

    Will it cocaine?

  37. the puginator

    the puginator

    6 днів тому

    I love how the first dude is so happy dose he got a UA-channel channel

  38. Lilee Owens

    Lilee Owens

    6 днів тому

    At 11:22 link said Swim bladders 😹

  39. Austin Autrey

    Austin Autrey

    6 днів тому

    Jordan no offince but you look like a human tothbrush

  40. Puddles Loves LPS

    Puddles Loves LPS

    6 днів тому

    First time I've ever seen Rhett with his hair down

  41. Allie Eglinton

    Allie Eglinton

    6 днів тому

    I also like the new intro.

  42. Allie Eglinton

    Allie Eglinton

    6 днів тому

    I love the will it episodes. I love GMM.

  43. Moo Cowz

    Moo Cowz

    6 днів тому

    4:39 it looked like vomit 🤢

  44. Cute 'N Edgy Mew

    Cute 'N Edgy Mew

    7 днів тому

    I freaking love Rhett's shirt

  45. bellugh !

    bellugh !

    7 днів тому

    omg i have that bob ross shirt

  46. Kashmaria Kashmer

    Kashmaria Kashmer

    7 днів тому


  47. Hannah McIntosh

    Hannah McIntosh

    7 днів тому

    This is mildly uncomfortable

  48. GachaWolfy


    7 днів тому

    Dang Rhett, that Bob doss shirt is AMAZING!

  49. Ashley Raether

    Ashley Raether

    8 днів тому

    Will it Facial

  50. A E S T H E T I C

    A E S T H E T I C

    8 днів тому

    3:19 “I want it to come up more” “Story of my life” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  51. KierstenLPS


    8 днів тому

    Anybody thinking about how links hair used to be almost exactly like the guy from fish

  52. PAG Orange banana brains

    PAG Orange banana brains

    8 днів тому


  53. Maya Inoxia

    Maya Inoxia

    8 днів тому

    that toothpaste had to burn...

  54. Ayla


    8 днів тому


  55. NotSoPopularHD


    8 днів тому

    Rhett has same bob ross shirt as me

  56. bee boo

    bee boo

    8 днів тому

    6:09 rhett's voice is so funny :'D

  57. fluffy nightmear

    fluffy nightmear

    8 днів тому

    Lol they look like Penguin from Gotham

  58. Jonah


    8 днів тому

    buying generic Bob Ross shirts at the graphic tee section of Walmart i see you

  59. Rick Gebauer

    Rick Gebauer

    9 днів тому


  60. Alyssa The qween 13

    Alyssa The qween 13

    9 днів тому

    Too gross

  61. Gord Sand

    Gord Sand

    9 днів тому

    nice chips chunks and the puke part pretty funny

  62. M i m i k y u XX

    M i m i k y u XX

    9 днів тому

    *jordan is beautiful*

  63. LPS Maphie

    LPS Maphie

    9 днів тому

    Does anyone remember "my hair goes up, my hair goes down"? Now it's just "my hair goes up, my hair goes up"

  64. OreoSM SpecialisTz

    OreoSM SpecialisTz

    9 днів тому

    Will it Candy or Will it Steak

  65. Kenzie Oakley

    Kenzie Oakley

    10 днів тому

    this is the first time i’ve seen jordan out of the cotton candy randy persona and it’s weird

  66. Detrode 3D7

    Detrode 3D7

    10 днів тому

    Voice crack 13:00

  67. Gamerkid2007942


    10 днів тому

    I want it to stick it up "Story of my life"

  68. pessimistic rat

    pessimistic rat

    10 днів тому

    13:15 *got em*

  69. Gummybears Zeron

    Gummybears Zeron

    10 днів тому

    Will it paint?

  70. Andrija Tasic

    Andrija Tasic

    11 днів тому

    3:19 I want it to come up more Jordan: story of my life 😂😂😂😂😂

  71. J.C. Taylor

    J.C. Taylor

    11 днів тому

    Jordan looks like Meatloaf’s spiritual successor from Fight Club

  72. Ada Hanson

    Ada Hanson

    11 днів тому

    My dad LOVES Phish, like, he 💓s it.

  73. Ada Hanson

    Ada Hanson

    11 днів тому

    Jordan: LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS! (Don't let us know) Me: MUST LET KNOW!!! His hair looks bad...😈

  74. Michael Durfee

    Michael Durfee

    11 днів тому

    Yo my sister works for trey net him a lot he’s great

  75. Makenna Bloxham

    Makenna Bloxham

    11 днів тому

    Will it face mask?

  76. Keegan Viehweg

    Keegan Viehweg

    11 днів тому

    Anybody recognize the fauhawk dude as David Beckham

  77. Cassidy Ruffing

    Cassidy Ruffing

    11 днів тому

    lol Will it Bob Ross? Or like, Will it canvas?

  78. rainyroyale


    11 днів тому

    I ADORE both of your shirts!!!

  79. timothy criddle

    timothy criddle

    11 днів тому

    Jordan looks bad

  80. Madeline Jones

    Madeline Jones

    11 днів тому

    lol tooth paste is not a hare jell

  81. el Fuego

    el Fuego

    11 днів тому

    Rhett: I want it to come up Test subject: *story of my life*

  82. milky milks

    milky milks

    11 днів тому

    Does anyone else have the same shirt as Rhett? No? Just me then

  83. BunnyFett


    12 днів тому

    Should have taken your glasses off.

  84. jeanniebeans


    12 днів тому

    The bladder helps them stay afloat I believe lol

  85. Annie Mejia

    Annie Mejia

    12 днів тому

    You guys should do paper mache on a second will it hair gel.

  86. Nothing19


    12 днів тому

    Is this what happens you ask for a bonus?

  87. Sass Master XIII

    Sass Master XIII

    12 днів тому

    Rhett: "I've never been scared of you." *COUGH* COTTON CANDY RANDY *COUGH*

  88. David Weeks

    David Weeks

    12 днів тому

    Yeah, I feel like, maybe, I’m could take down the system 😂😂

  89. theowntasticman


    12 днів тому


  90. StygianTongue


    12 днів тому

    I'm now imagining the house that has fish bladders but not hair gel.

  91. Kiddeth


    12 днів тому

    you guys are idiots

  92. I Need The Krup

    I Need The Krup

    12 днів тому

    With this video will Rhett and Link swap hairstyles? (Rhett with Link's Cruella de Vil skunk stripe.. Link with Rhett's ginger pompadour)

  93. Isaiah Green

    Isaiah Green

    13 днів тому

    I got an idea for a will it. It would make a funny episode. Will it wine? Just turn weird and strange liquids in to wine or some form of alcohol.

  94. Jellybeans070


    13 днів тому

    I can’t explain it, Christine’s gelpotle hair really made my stomach turn

  95. Pam Miller

    Pam Miller

    13 днів тому

    Will it koolaid? Will it hair dye? Will it paint? Will it butter? Will it chip? Will it tortilla? Will it slime? Will it papper

  96. Charlotte Dixon

    Charlotte Dixon

    13 днів тому

    So many dudes in my highschool had that 2000s hair flip. We all called the duck tail.

  97. Big Dog

    Big Dog

    13 днів тому

    They should do a Will It Grill are Will It Lollipop are Will It Cotton candy.

  98. Ansh Chauhan

    Ansh Chauhan

    13 днів тому

    Jordan: Leave your comments of my hair below(don't actually) me: ;)

  99. Jazzy Wolf

    Jazzy Wolf

    13 днів тому

    *more like Rhett and Link destroying people’s hair for 15 minutes straight*

  100. Addisen Abbott

    Addisen Abbott

    13 днів тому

    The fish bladder is filled with air to help them swim easier