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  1. AGamersDeath


    43 хвилини тому

    So you're going to tell me he just passed on JENNIFER ANISTON THAT EASY!? You👏Got👏To👏Be👏Joking👏😂

  2. Yorkshire X6M

    Yorkshire X6M

    8 годин тому

    Trevor rocking his stone island jacket very Manchester oasis swag

  3. Jnita07 Corp

    Jnita07 Corp

    11 годин тому

    Too Hilarious this my favorite clip by far

  4. Sheenu Gupta

    Sheenu Gupta

    13 годин тому

    He was fun & respectful. That's rare.

  5. Suellen Hepburn

    Suellen Hepburn

    15 годин тому

    Nossa ele fala demais

  6. [COON]


    18 годин тому

    Its not "whod you rather" Its "smash or pass"

  7. Xeroc _

    Xeroc _

    20 годин тому


  8. Azokuhle Ndlela

    Azokuhle Ndlela

    22 години тому

    I love how he disregarded Jennifer..... so polite... Didn't even mention her😂😂😂😂😂

  9. Boiakaz Adem

    Boiakaz Adem

    День тому

    I love Ellen she is a good person i hope she helpe me i don't have a house for my kids 😢😢😢

  10. Mark Coleman

    Mark Coleman

    День тому

    I wouldnt have either

  11. Joudy 44

    Joudy 44

    День тому

    That's very funny 😂😂😂😂 I love you Ellen 😊♥♥♥♥🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺

  12. Abe Brown

    Abe Brown

    День тому

    I love you so much Ellen's you are my fan I wish to meet you before I end my life😭😭😭😭love you so much the way you are

  13. Blue Braun

    Blue Braun

    День тому

    Love him

  14. Beverly


    День тому

    What’s his accent?

  15. spookyryu


    День тому

    I would take Tiffany any day

  16. Julissa Walker

    Julissa Walker

    День тому


  17. Jose Arriaga

    Jose Arriaga

    День тому

    I like how he’s respectfully rejecting the women

  18. Chris Logsdon

    Chris Logsdon

    2 дні тому

    So it's ok for the left to objectify women. Got it

  19. Gil Terrero

    Gil Terrero

    2 дні тому

    I love Ellen

  20. Gil Terrero

    Gil Terrero

    2 дні тому

    Nicki in a heartbeat

  21. Angel Ortega

    Angel Ortega

    2 дні тому

    Ellen is a savage when she said that about the kardashians😂😂😂😂

  22. Cree


    2 дні тому

    That list kind of loses credibility when it lists Jimmy Fallon as sexy

  23. Orlane King James

    Orlane King James

    2 дні тому

    I'm a straight woman but if I was a man I would definately go with Nicki all day ! She slaayyy, good personality, sooo beautiful and I love her music so yeah Nicki all day❤👑🔥

  24. Matthew Wolfe

    Matthew Wolfe

    2 дні тому

    Trevor Noah has done a great job as the current host of the Daily Show.

  25. Sara Rose

    Sara Rose

    2 дні тому

    I so would of picked Taylor!! 😍😍😍

  26. [Nathan]


    2 дні тому

    How can you pass on Jennifer Aniston????

  27. Qua deca

    Qua deca

    2 дні тому


  28. ball 25/8

    ball 25/8

    2 дні тому

    My bday is feb 20!!

  29. zantos o2t3a

    zantos o2t3a

    2 дні тому

    If you edit your comment to say thanks for the likes your opinion doesnt matter

  30. king Junior

    king Junior

    2 дні тому

    Ellen: who'd you rather Nicki or Khloe Trevor : Yessss

  31. king Junior

    king Junior

    2 дні тому

    Who else knew Trevor could say that 😂??

  32. Steve Chandler

    Steve Chandler

    2 дні тому

    Dating a Kardashian would be like renting a car.

    • king Junior

      king Junior

      2 дні тому


  33. Mighty Siraz

    Mighty Siraz

    2 дні тому

    He's sexy? 😕

  34. Timothy H

    Timothy H

    2 дні тому

    Trevor Noah is a parasite

  35. ryan kesti

    ryan kesti

    2 дні тому

    Obama sucks

  36. Jerin Joseph

    Jerin Joseph

    2 дні тому

    His conda

  37. Zakaria Sadrati

    Zakaria Sadrati

    2 дні тому

    I like elen's style

  38. ILove Dimash!!

    ILove Dimash!!

    2 дні тому

    He does realize that Nicki is always all about drama too right?? 🤔🤔😕

  39. ericj305


    3 дні тому

    He handled this well...even if not totally satisfying to the (voyeuristic) viewer.

  40. Chara Frisk

    Chara Frisk

    3 дні тому

    2:23 SAVAGE

  41. I’m not goated but still sub to zhylex Yuhhh

    I’m not goated but still sub to zhylex Yuhhh

    3 дні тому

    These kids at my school are called Trevor and Noah

  42. Jammer Gaming

    Jammer Gaming

    3 дні тому

    My birth day is also on February 20, cool

  43. Unknown A

    Unknown A

    3 дні тому

    Rocking that stone island 🔥🔥

  44. Fran


    4 дні тому

    his real thought on Jennifer Aniston, "uh, no maybe if she's 20 years younger"

  45. Gator x

    Gator x

    4 дні тому

    Legit wouldve stayed with Rihanna. Would never let go

  46. Anirudh K.s

    Anirudh K.s

    4 дні тому

    I love this guy!

  47. Frankie Bones

    Frankie Bones

    4 дні тому

    Who is this guy?

  48. subscribe for no reason

    subscribe for no reason

    4 дні тому

    3:14 : oh no now I jump Nicki Minaj the funniest thing in this video

  49. Awa Cherif

    Awa Cherif

    4 дні тому


  50. Nimi George

    Nimi George

    4 дні тому


  51. mohan kumar

    mohan kumar

    4 дні тому

    comfortable recorded material

  52. Mamadou Souare

    Mamadou Souare

    4 дні тому

    😂😂😂 I like the that guy

  53. ᄆ갸뭄ᄒᄀ뭉듀ᅢᅣ 쟈소 ᅵᅢᄑᄃ

    ᄆ갸뭄ᄒᄀ뭉듀ᅢᅣ 쟈소 ᅵᅢᄑᄃ

    4 дні тому

    "Thats how much they last" Ellen straight savage

  54. Scarf_Face


    4 дні тому

    Let's not forget he's a racist

  55. Zach Sonne

    Zach Sonne

    5 днів тому


  56. d Wal

    d Wal

    5 днів тому

    Rihanna .....are you kidding me.

  57. 600firefly1


    5 днів тому

    All of Khloe's photos are airbrushed. She's a catfish lol

  58. Nadima M

    Nadima M

    5 днів тому

    subscribe me !

  59. Vidheyesh Prabhu

    Vidheyesh Prabhu

    5 днів тому

    "That's how long they last" -Ellen DeGeneres

  60. 京津冀 京

    京津冀 京

    5 днів тому


  61. Divine Interruption

    Divine Interruption

    5 днів тому

    Trevor, date Daenerys Targaryen and make her the Rad Queen. Her nephew won’t take one for the team, so please help Westeros out

  62. FBI


    5 днів тому

    Nicki Minaj Thicc af

  63. Samsara


    5 днів тому

    when he opens his mouth he's def out of the top!

  64. Saty Karapetyan

    Saty Karapetyan

    5 днів тому

    Ellen u are the best love u😚

  65. mrgeorge118


    5 днів тому

    What a truly awful selection to choose from!

  66. Derek White

    Derek White

    6 днів тому

    If Trevor ever dated Taylor Swift, there would be song about him. None of relationships last very long

  67. desolationR


    6 днів тому

    This dude is too femine to be straight

  68. Aaricia SILVESTRE

    Aaricia SILVESTRE

    6 днів тому

    He should be on the show with Ellen everyday

  69. lilboidedoid 18 3

    lilboidedoid 18 3

    6 днів тому


  70. Obitrice For life

    Obitrice For life

    6 днів тому

    Need to get a Stone Island jacket.

  71. Sinzi R

    Sinzi R

    6 днів тому

    I just love how his brain works ... he just seems to live a little story with each of them ... so much imagination :)))

    • Robby Siregar

      Robby Siregar

      5 днів тому

      It's common for pisces

  72. Edgar Muturi

    Edgar Muturi

    6 днів тому

    "That's how long they last"💀💀💀

  73. Somegirlwhoplaysfortnite XD

    Somegirlwhoplaysfortnite XD

    6 днів тому

    You need to make this a game people can play I think it’s so fun

  74. Corey Kennedy

    Corey Kennedy

    6 днів тому

    Such a joke with the list.

  75. Laugh Worthy Ent

    Laugh Worthy Ent

    6 днів тому

    Other than being a lib , he's pretty cool

  76. Maryam Abdi

    Maryam Abdi

    6 днів тому

    He is so hot :)

  77. Scot Still

    Scot Still

    6 днів тому

    so he packing i guess

  78. Savage Rosa

    Savage Rosa

    6 днів тому

    U read my comments smash that booties like

  79. Nushrat Aysha

    Nushrat Aysha

    6 днів тому

    ellen please ask khloe or kylie to call me

  80. Purana Paapi

    Purana Paapi

    6 днів тому

    Did I saw Jayden Smith in list ?

  81. Latisha Smith

    Latisha Smith

    6 днів тому

    Ellen just pimped a Kardashian 🤣🤣🤣

  82. creaminthebank


    6 днів тому

    This guy is SAVAGE

  83. beanie0112


    7 днів тому

    “Who’d you rather” what?

  84. Miljan P.

    Miljan P.

    7 днів тому

    Ellen could play the same game agan, without any changes 😅

  85. Zodie


    7 днів тому

    I would have had Taylor all the way

  86. Tyra Wideman

    Tyra Wideman

    7 днів тому

    Oh goodness lol

  87. Ismael Torres

    Ismael Torres

    7 днів тому

    Gotta love ELLEN 😄

  88. Real Talk

    Real Talk

    7 днів тому

    Trump 2020, Noah is an idiot

  89. Derpy Dansem

    Derpy Dansem

    7 днів тому

    Isn’t Trevor the liberal cuck

  90. Shubham Jain

    Shubham Jain

    7 днів тому

    How could he pass Jennifer Aniston! And then select Minaj. You gotta be out of your mind to do that. Well, that's Trevor for you.

  91. Rebecca Fsllon

    Rebecca Fsllon

    8 днів тому

    My sisters bday is on the 20 feb

  92. tobias baines

    tobias baines

    8 днів тому

    Thats how long they last🤣🤣🤣

  93. Anveksha Rai

    Anveksha Rai

    8 днів тому

    I will always choose Taylor swift no matter whoever comes in with her😉😃

    • Anveksha Rai

      Anveksha Rai

      7 днів тому

      +Gallant Abbey no not at all😂

    • Gallant Abbey

      Gallant Abbey

      7 днів тому

      You look so sad and tired

  94. Fizz alie

    Fizz alie

    8 днів тому

    I wish I could play that game with Ellen 😂

  95. Meera Patel

    Meera Patel

    8 днів тому

    boo I dont like trevor noah hes a poo poo head haha :(

  96. jeff alver

    jeff alver

    9 днів тому

    Who is he?

  97. Daniel Lewis

    Daniel Lewis

    9 днів тому

    South African 🤮🤮

  98. anime blockparty

    anime blockparty

    9 днів тому

    My birthday is February 20 too

  99. Agra Nam

    Agra Nam

    9 днів тому

    Put Anderson Cooper on there and see him explode in his pants 😂

  100. Velicia Williams

    Velicia Williams

    9 днів тому

    I will be listening to Trevor Noah’s Podcast, he has the best stories.