The 2020 Kia Telluride Is Kia\'s New Family SUV

The 2020 Kia Telluride is a new midsize family SUV. Today I will review the Kia Telluride, and I'm going to show you all the important things to know about the Telluride during my Kia Telluride review.
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  1. RightFootForward11


    3 години тому

    I went and saw one of these at a dealership: not even a fully-loaded model, and it reminded me of a fully-loaded Lexus RX350 in the driver’s seat and many cars that are more expensive. The telluride is a great family SUV, very easy to get into the third row

  2. AzurBarnitzke


    7 годин тому

    Looks kinda like a GMC in the front.

  3. Hector Sison

    Hector Sison

    15 годин тому

    Please do a review of the Hyundai Palisade.

  4. ms3bani


    17 годин тому

    @11:58 uvo is good, but FCA's uconnect is better

  5. williamrobertg1


    21 годину тому

    Maybe if it didn't have a KIA logo or a V6 I'd buy one

  6. BrownieJPEG


    21 годину тому

    If it only had the stinger engine :(

  7. Full Home

    Full Home

    22 години тому

    I think the infotainment System is running BlackBerry QNX technology.

  8. Woah Woah

    Woah Woah

    День тому

    Top 10 anime comebacks

  9. Woah Woah

    Woah Woah

    День тому

    2 years ago KIA was a joke. This is a huge come back.

  10. Josh Alexander

    Josh Alexander

    День тому

    I commonly wonder what KIA stands for.. Killed In Action? Korea In America? Koreans Infest America? Kicking It Aside? Keeping It Awkward? Coming out of the east.... nah that’s not it.. Koreans In Awl? Knowing It’s Availability ? Korean Issued Automobile? 🤔

  11. Jay RYU

    Jay RYU

    День тому

    Unbelievable Korean car industries Kia and Hyundai... Korean cars will erased off Japanese cars slowly in the future..I'm sure

  12. Steve Robertson

    Steve Robertson

    День тому

    Its huge and HIDEOUS. It might be amazing inside, but i would never consider buying it simply due to how UGLY it is

  13. Niket Jha

    Niket Jha

    День тому

    I got kia ad before the video

  14. SmokeScreen Media

    SmokeScreen Media

    2 дні тому

    Ranger Rover front anyone??

  15. Dr1fterK1ng


    2 дні тому

    Why do I think this looks like a Escalade

  16. 大朝鮮民族


    2 дні тому

    It is better to buy Corolla if you are buying Kia. There is no durability and safety at all for Korean cars.

  17. jgkrapster


    2 дні тому

    When will you review a GMC YUKON Denali



    2 дні тому

    Doesn't the Sorento have 3 rows?

  19. Abel Rosato

    Abel Rosato

    3 дні тому

    Corean car ? I will not never buy one !!

  20. Crosal Divine

    Crosal Divine

    3 дні тому

    Doug can you review the 2003 Ford Windstar?

  21. rajuh edwin

    rajuh edwin

    3 дні тому

    buggati divo

  22. MrDerelict_Insurgency _

    MrDerelict_Insurgency _

    4 дні тому

    This is just like the ‘09 borrego

  23. Popnal 17

    Popnal 17

    5 днів тому

    The telluride kinda looks like a rolls Royce cullinan from the back Edit: From the side

  24. Popnal 17

    Popnal 17

    5 днів тому

    Can you review the 2019 Nissan 370Z?

  25. chadbailey30


    5 днів тому

    Driver talk=most useless feature ever

  26. Jay son

    Jay son

    5 днів тому

    it has very rolls esque lines i like it

  27. 7teen38


    5 днів тому

    Volvo XC90 crossed with a Ford Expedition? Maybe a little Jeep Grand Cherokee in there somewhere?

  28. mm 2018

    mm 2018

    5 днів тому O..din U..ndergo G..allbladder surgery

  29. Azizmasud345


    5 днів тому

    This SUV is going to be a go to rental car

  30. Camiel08Erin11


    5 днів тому

    Driver talk scared the hell out of me.

  31. yan ogly

    yan ogly

    5 днів тому

    Volvo/ gmc

  32. pro mast

    pro mast

    6 днів тому

    KIA motors Engine consumes a lot of fuels Breaks down a lot! It doesn't come to pass 200,000 miles! It sucks, looks incredible

    • Ethan Brady

      Ethan Brady

      5 днів тому

      Bro that's old Kia new Kiaa has stepped up their game.

  33. Neptune


    6 днів тому

    quit enunciating so much.

  34. Conner McCormick

    Conner McCormick

    6 днів тому

    ima kid i like urvideos

  35. Alan pece

    Alan pece

    7 днів тому

    This man is very annoying 😤😡

  36. Josh Alexander

    Josh Alexander

    7 днів тому

    For the same price I would go with the Ford, Toyota, or Honda.

  37. k.b. little

    k.b. little

    8 днів тому

    I wouldn't pay $32k for a Kia if you gave me $31,999.

  38. Clorox Bleach

    Clorox Bleach

    8 днів тому

    Telluride that this car looks bad.

  39. Rick Magrath

    Rick Magrath

    9 днів тому

    please review the vw atlas

  40. greg black

    greg black

    9 днів тому

    A cx9 drives better . A cx9 looks better. A cx9 interior is way better.

  41. Asad Abdussalam Shaikh

    Asad Abdussalam Shaikh

    9 днів тому

    Why is the comment section everything but about the car 🤣 its hilarious lol



    9 днів тому

    you should try the aston martin Vanquish Zagato ! .... this will break all your records

  43. payton mccluskey

    payton mccluskey

    9 днів тому

    You do not have to walk aroud to let the second row down there is a button or handle in the trunk for it

  44. Kacy's Kastle

    Kacy's Kastle

    9 днів тому

    I walked into a Kia dealership yesterday. They had 4 new Tellurides and all sold in one week! Beautiful cars!

  45. Opinion Matters

    Opinion Matters

    9 днів тому

    Ugly and it will be worth nothing in 5 years

  46. Tax Payer

    Tax Payer

    9 днів тому

    It’s a fucking Kia, so no .

  47. Hatori Hanzo

    Hatori Hanzo

    9 днів тому

    Kia should rename itself Xerox. They copy everything.

    • Joshua Jacob

      Joshua Jacob

      5 днів тому

      Hatori Hanzo it’s not a copy It’s designed by a former Audi designer

  48. greenguy4u


    10 днів тому

    I don't get this channels popularity.

  49. Fuze Bruzet

    Fuze Bruzet

    10 днів тому

    If this was Audi, the score would be at least 80 out of 100

  50. MannyFz07


    10 днів тому

    I didn’t know the Mazda Cx 9 died. Seriously thats who this thing competes against specially in the interior department.

  51. SoUpIsFiRe Master

    SoUpIsFiRe Master

    10 днів тому

    * sponsored by Hanes**

  52. anthony 35

    anthony 35

    11 днів тому

    5:40🤣😂🤣😂fucking Doug

  53. Valarie Cole

    Valarie Cole

    11 днів тому

    Dear “WHOMEVER” can you please donate this truck to me???!!! You can pick the color that YOU WANT!! 🤣🤣

  54. Jay5avage


    11 днів тому

    Is that back tire out of air?

  55. Royalorgans


    12 днів тому

    How would you rate the 2020 Kia Telluride vs the 2019 Buick Enclave

    • Samuel Selmar

      Samuel Selmar

      7 днів тому

      Royalorgans thinking the same thing

  56. CarbonManual HD

    CarbonManual HD

    12 днів тому

    I am an electric fan, but this SUV speaks to me.

  57. xanth987


    13 днів тому

    I still want the Kia Soul trackster concept with Awd and ok drop the engine from the base Telluride into in. 💥. A hamster on steroids. And yeah throw in a killer sound system with lights inside, under wheel wells like in a jacked up track and on the center part of the rims themselves

  58. themadhatterxxx


    13 днів тому

    I'm gonna buy one and drop a hellephant engine into it.

  59. Walter R

    Walter R

    13 днів тому

    Because of this video I purchased the SX Telluride 3 weeks ago. Thanks Doug!

    • Walter R

      Walter R

      12 днів тому

      manapd we love it. A head turner hear in Chicago

    • manapd


      12 днів тому

      And how do you like it?

  60. Ramsey Hildebrand

    Ramsey Hildebrand

    13 днів тому

    I love Hyundai/Kia. I work on them every bloody day, but they’re efficient, cheap, comfortable AND they’re pretty ballsy with trying new things, shown in the Telluride. Genesis here we come. 2012 Kia Soul with Mood Lighting, anyone?

  61. Mel Rose

    Mel Rose

    13 днів тому

    The Telluride will lose so much resale value and it is still a KIA. I will pass as will many. I think KIA is having employees and dealers make positive comments about this ugly POS trying to make it sound relevant. Stop it!

  62. GetoverYourself


    14 днів тому

    Wow interior “looks” like a BMW, but is it the same quality, nope.

  63. Arnav Chelani

    Arnav Chelani

    14 днів тому

    it looks like a rolls Royce cullinan

  64. فريد الغطريفي

    فريد الغطريفي

    15 днів тому

    Old shape. Looks like 2011 models.

  65. فريد الغطريفي

    فريد الغطريفي

    15 днів тому

    How much? كم سعرها يا خواجه؟

  66. Loco18


    15 днів тому

    When you trying to make luxury car from social trash...

  67. Jayson Largo

    Jayson Largo

    15 днів тому

    Why the other telluride has a 2 seats in 2nd row?

  68. kaane kavuludi

    kaane kavuludi

    15 днів тому

    Dough is the type to give the sun a dough score in the sahara

  69. Michael Robert WELLS

    Michael Robert WELLS

    15 днів тому

    Y is everyone saying 'buy a 3 row suv if u have a family!' just buy a 1500 or 2500 pickup it has more room more power and more space than any of 3 row suvs

    • Blue Chair

      Blue Chair

      12 днів тому

      Pickups are ugly

  70. El Blaise

    El Blaise

    16 днів тому

    Little did I know when I clicked this video that my disinterest in being driven around would land me in Doug’s most hated list. Oh well such is life.

  71. Jim Halpert

    Jim Halpert

    16 днів тому

    Under powered, very poor resale value, weak unibody crap and it's a KIA. Can u imagine paying 45 grand and looking at that giant KIA on the steering wheel. When this POS starts falling apart after 30 thousand miles you will be very upset that you fell for fluff.

    • Michael Untouchable

      Michael Untouchable

      15 днів тому

      kia makes great cars these days dude

  72. Greg 444

    Greg 444

    16 днів тому

    how it costs ?

  73. Marc Scordato

    Marc Scordato

    17 днів тому

    I love German cars and Italian cars but In the world Kia has nailed it . The stinger is gorgeous the Soul is cool the telluride looks handsome and rugged .

  74. Robert Neville

    Robert Neville

    17 днів тому

    In terms of looksTelluride is quite similar to Chinese SUV which is known as GAC Trumpchi GS8 which was launched few years ago.

  75. Stephen Jones

    Stephen Jones

    17 днів тому

    The Doug score needs help. Use similar vehicles to create the number ratings and not some unobtainable vehicle. 0--60 in 7.1 is not a 1. That is ridiculous. But it gets a 10 in practicality? Is that because it's being compared to a Lambo? At this point, the Doug score has no value.

  76. Amco Auto Glass

    Amco Auto Glass

    17 днів тому

    how does he have so many views/subs? shocked



    17 днів тому

    Kia should have named this badass SUV another name and ditched the Kia name and logo, the same way Toyota did when they introduced Lexus decades ago.

  78. Yhlas Kakaev

    Yhlas Kakaev

    17 днів тому

    take off the review on autlmobil Aurus

  79. Bubbles co.

    Bubbles co.

    17 днів тому

    metal on wheels

  80. Jamison H

    Jamison H

    17 днів тому

    10:52 Windows 98 sound

  81. mavtek


    17 днів тому

    Something you should have covered, Highway Driving Assist. This thing is a lot like super cruise in Cadillac's.

  82. GRIMEY 1

    GRIMEY 1

    17 днів тому

    Telluride looks alot like a land Rover from the side

  83. Aziz Al Hussein

    Aziz Al Hussein

    17 днів тому

    This is not the first 3 raw vehicle from KIA .... there is KIA Mohave and what you tested not the highest model (Panoramic roof, 22 inch wheels, 360 camera, auto drive .... etc.

  84. sean c

    sean c

    17 днів тому

    I feel like a plebian

  85. Damon Reynolds

    Damon Reynolds

    18 днів тому

    Nice car, prefer Palisade though. And really think reviewers should judge SUVs differently from sedans for driving factors. SUV buyers typically judge driving dynamics in terms of comfort, noise, smooth shifting and merge/passing capability. That for us is 'fun'. You can't compare a Telluride to a Stinger and give it a '1'??

  86. Agent piggles

    Agent piggles

    18 днів тому

    Person: so how big do you want the telluride? Kia: Yes

  87. Dane Tabor

    Dane Tabor

    18 днів тому

    Not that it's ugly, but it closely resembles a GMC Yukon...

  88. mohammad alenazi

    mohammad alenazi

    18 днів тому

    Mind numbing stupid sales man who can sell any thing ggggggggggggggggod his voice just deleted half of my Memories He is more dangerous then pig and bird fluuuuuu OMGGGGGGGG

  89. TheThedot


    18 днів тому

    I buy kia becasue they are made with 100% Koeans, if I buy Ameircan it si made 90% 3rd world invaders, adn I wil lnever suport the invasion of my nation. I want them to stave to death and leave us alone forever.

  90. Arnish Kar

    Arnish Kar

    18 днів тому

    I have a request for you.... Will you make a video on Lykan Hypersport because am really want to see those crooks and features of that beast.... So that's my humble request to you 😊

  91. Christian Espinal

    Christian Espinal

    18 днів тому

    There's people doing Reviews.. And then... There's this guy.

  92. Buffed Physics

    Buffed Physics

    18 днів тому

    Doug is a type of guy to put white cloth on his dick and claim seeing a ghost

  93. Speed Feed

    Speed Feed

    18 днів тому

    Anyone else got a Kia Telluride add on this video

  94. Liam Moralejo

    Liam Moralejo

    19 днів тому

    When Kia Telluride’s “Welcome Sound” makes for a good ringtone

  95. Huck's World Powered By Tech

    Huck's World Powered By Tech

    19 днів тому

    It's a very nice car

  96. George Kountouris

    George Kountouris

    19 днів тому

    0-60 in 7.3 seconds is a 1 out of 10, so basically for a 10/10 you would need to be in an F18 catapulting from an aircraft carrier

  97. Bayram Celik

    Bayram Celik

    19 днів тому

    Doug the type of guy that going yankee game wearing rangers tshirt sporting LA

  98. Marvin Ron

    Marvin Ron

    19 днів тому

    No joke but in the middle of the video I got an add for which car? Yes, KIA. Which KIA? Telluride.

  99. tv규민


    19 днів тому

    tahoe of kia

  100. Lionel Harris

    Lionel Harris

    21 день тому

    Dude you didn't floor it... Should have floored it.