Shaq Tries to Not Make a Face While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most dominant players in NBA history, an analyst on TNT's Emmy Award-winning Inside the NBA, and a globally recognized DJ sensation bringing Shaq's Fun House is to Miami Music Fest on March 29th. But how is he with spicy food? Find out as the Big Aristotle has his date with the wings of death-one he claims he only accepted because he thought Justin Timberlake was hosting. Along the way, Shaq discusses his history with Kobe Bryant, breaks down his record-breaking Walmart purchase, and joins Sean Evans in a high-stakes free-throw shooting contest.
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  1. First We Feast

    First We Feast

    Місяць тому

    SHAQ! FINALLY! Enjoy the show and get your official HOT ONES merch here, spice lords: shop.complex.com/collections/first-we-feast

    • Moira Sexing Mercy

      Moira Sexing Mercy

      12 годин тому

      I see where the meme came from and it's still fucking funny XDD

    • mosquitobight


      5 днів тому

      They should have a one-minute segment where they phone the previous guest the next day and ask "how are you doing?"

    • DjPitbull 1000

      DjPitbull 1000

      8 днів тому

      Simon cowell should b next

    • Lord fartamor

      Lord fartamor

      9 днів тому




      10 днів тому

      First We Feast you are trash

  2. FBI Agent

    FBI Agent

    6 годин тому

    18:30 When the teacher pulls out the surprise test

  3. zoakar1957


    8 годин тому

    8:23 “This one lil spicy, Waaa”

  4. Not Spider-Man

    Not Spider-Man

    8 годин тому

    18:30 When the trees start speaking Vietnamese

  5. Cat


    8 годин тому

    11:19 18:24 21:54 26:10

  6. Gaming JKhai

    Gaming JKhai

    9 годин тому

    18:30 When you think its a fart but it is actually shit

  7. Hashtag Thai

    Hashtag Thai

    9 годин тому

    lmao those wings look small af in shaq's hands

  8. Justin Honest Guy

    Justin Honest Guy

    9 годин тому

    why do africans like shaq have an avg of 80 iq?

  9. Mirel Zamora

    Mirel Zamora

    10 годин тому

    man!!! what a bitch!!

  10. Riley Kaai

    Riley Kaai

    11 годин тому

    Who came here for the meme

  11. Doseh


    11 годин тому

    god damn, after they both stand up, u realize that Sean had a stool or something

  12. Moira Sexing Mercy

    Moira Sexing Mercy

    12 годин тому

    18:30 When you hear "Nerf this!" from Dv.a XD

  13. call me mallo ok?

    call me mallo ok?

    12 годин тому

    Shaq is such a meme

  14. lee


    13 годин тому

    Shaq was really disrespectful. Why would he cheat at the end so he didn't have to give money to charity. And he wouldn't have even participated until Shawn ate a hot wing smothered in every hot sauce.

  15. Chuck Smallwood

    Chuck Smallwood

    14 годин тому

    Just need to point out shaq didn’t finish. But he got sean eat ALL of em... at once... you deserve a damn championship ring Sean!!!

  16. B Goins

    B Goins

    14 годин тому

    The black Steph curry. 😂😂😂

  17. Sara Mendoza

    Sara Mendoza

    14 годин тому

    Can mr beast be in there?

  18. Amie Knudson

    Amie Knudson

    15 годин тому

    He made that gallon of milk look like a quart and the wings look like quails wings...he massive.

  19. Cyborne


    15 годин тому

    >mfw Shaq makes a face

  20. KaRaTeLoRd11


    16 годин тому

    18:31 when someone is talking shit about you

  21. tammy starks

    tammy starks

    17 годин тому

    Shaq I love you!

  22. Jarrod Barnett

    Jarrod Barnett

    17 годин тому

    🤣😂🤣 plus Shaq taking baby bites and wastes more of the wings than he eats.

  23. Janet Berry

    Janet Berry

    18 годин тому

    That was the best! What a guy! Good Lord, he’s HUGE! You could barely see the wing in his big hands. I like how he kept addressing “America” Lol! KANSAS! That’s right, Jayhawk fans! The Truth!

  24. Bryan Nakashima

    Bryan Nakashima

    18 годин тому

    I'm not gonna lie, this makes shaq look like a douche.

  25. Lightning Bolt69

    Lightning Bolt69

    18 годин тому


  26. ShyPastel Prince

    ShyPastel Prince

    18 годин тому

    11:18 When u start trying vegetables but u notice it taste like fucking garba g e

  27. Darkness Rang

    Darkness Rang

    19 годин тому

    I got an avengers endgame ad on this 11:19

  28. Milton M.

    Milton M.

    19 годин тому

    Shaq took over of the show, well done Sean

  29. Milton M.

    Milton M.

    19 годин тому

    Why talk when you have food in your mouth and we can't tell what you're saying? lol

  30. sofia bela

    sofia bela

    19 годин тому

    “i guarantee on this show i will not make a face” *face he makes becomes a meme*

  31. Handsome White Devil

    Handsome White Devil

    20 годин тому

    Shaq bailed.

  32. Hey Its Mufasa

    Hey Its Mufasa

    22 години тому

    Shaq is a whole clown lmfao

  33. Sammy 5150Eddie

    Sammy 5150Eddie

    22 години тому

    Gronk comment hilarious.

  34. Nothing Man

    Nothing Man

    23 години тому

    I need to see Shannon Sharpe on this show.

  35. Almost Asian

    Almost Asian

    23 години тому

    18:30 when the trees start speaking Vietnamese

  36. Juna 9

    Juna 9

    День тому

    Clay co !

  37. Abisek Mndhr

    Abisek Mndhr

    День тому

    Raise your hand if you came here after watching PewDiePie video

  38. Lolmontaz


    День тому

    is it even possible to dislike shaq?

  39. Mr Bubz

    Mr Bubz

    День тому

    Shaq reminds me of thanos

  40. the biggest big Mac ever

    the biggest big Mac ever

    День тому

    Shaq: Kansas doesn't know how to make no hot wings Shaq 5 seconds later: I'm sorry Kansas

  41. Tony Kong

    Tony Kong

    День тому

    Damn that face he does when he feels the heat laugh my ass off

  42. Bon Ryan Ligeralde

    Bon Ryan Ligeralde

    День тому

    Disappointed. Shaq cant handle the heat

  43. Chan Guo Han

    Chan Guo Han

    День тому


  44. AverageCon


    День тому

    shaq is america’s cool uncle

  45. the skiitserz show

    the skiitserz show

    День тому

    11:17, 14:30, 18:22, 21:55

  46. Xander Hall

    Xander Hall

    День тому

    Don’t underestimate Kansas shaq

  47. Cam The Man07

    Cam The Man07

    День тому

    ahhhhh that's hot

  48. Uswa Hussain

    Uswa Hussain

    День тому

    Who would've thought that this will be the MEME

  49. ganesh h

    ganesh h

    День тому

    He makes sean look normal sized and those wing like some dollhouse shit

  50. Klemen Bandelj

    Klemen Bandelj

    День тому

    when you throw away a smoked cigarette on the roof of Notre-dame and smoke gets thicker 18:30

  51. Marek Tóth

    Marek Tóth

    День тому

    "Kansas...Kansas don't know how to do the hot wings"

  52. Ace Breao

    Ace Breao

    День тому

    This video is a meme goldmine

  53. The Loyalist

    The Loyalist

    День тому

    Don't talk with your mouth full. Jesus...

  54. siddharth dutraj

    siddharth dutraj

    День тому

    18:29 thanos after ant mans attack!

  55. Ryatt


    День тому

    11:20 *NI🅱️🅱️A*

  56. pink pineapple

    pink pineapple

    День тому

    His reaction throughout the video has so much meme potential. Tis a meme production video

  57. Goat Lamb

    Goat Lamb

    День тому

    The chicken wings too small for Shaq lol

  58. Ismael Abubeker

    Ismael Abubeker

    День тому

    When ant man goes inside your butthole 11:20

  59. Michael ziemer

    Michael ziemer

    День тому

    ○ ○ °

  60. Michael ziemer

    Michael ziemer

    День тому

    Shaq is not human

  61. Matthew Snider

    Matthew Snider

    День тому

    20:57 a question for the ages

  62. 『ᗰ』


    День тому

    Shaq seems like that one friend that we all had as kids that will bully you because you beat them at a game you're better at.

  63. Wat Tambor

    Wat Tambor

    День тому

    Nobody: Not a soul: General Grievous: 18:49

    • RenexGamer


      16 годин тому

      Omg underrated

  64. FlightLegit


    День тому

    The sound effects goes perfect with shaq expression. Had me laughing so hard 😂😂😂 🔥🔥

  65. Meatallic !?

    Meatallic !?

    День тому

    Didn't mean to, but I legit just watched this twice in a row. Shaq is a treasure.

  66. FuntimeFred 33

    FuntimeFred 33

    День тому

    Me: *clicks on video* Me: *just goes to comments for the time stamp*

  67. Avocado Sauce

    Avocado Sauce

    День тому

    11:16 Bookmark for me

  68. Callie Conley

    Callie Conley

    День тому

    shaq is just over there dying while this guys talking about basketball

  69. Elijah Miniuk

    Elijah Miniuk

    День тому

    Can we have Gordon Ramsey come on for a video?

  70. Harley Pilot

    Harley Pilot

    День тому

    Shaq is one big ass regular guy! I’d crack a beer with him any day.

  71. project 2501

    project 2501

    День тому

    what a fucking pussy

  72. Muffin of CHAOS

    Muffin of CHAOS

    День тому

    Shaq: Guaranteed I won't make a face. Memelords: We'll see about that.

  73. Dave Lewis

    Dave Lewis

    День тому

    This guy always asks questions when people can’t even breath. Way better if they can actually listen and answer the questions. The questions are good, on their own.

  74. Spinozilla Saurian

    Spinozilla Saurian

    День тому

    11:19: *Exists* Internet: You can make a meme out of this

  75. Tom Wismar

    Tom Wismar

    День тому

    Shaq holding a gallon of milk is like me holding a fucking sippy cup

  76. Thomas _The

    Thomas _The

    День тому


  77. B Brendan

    B Brendan

    День тому

    Ah that’s hot, thaz hot.

  78. Prefer Anonymity

    Prefer Anonymity

    День тому

    *Get Pewdiepie*

  79. Thebigdount 101

    Thebigdount 101

    День тому

    Nobody: Shaq: *America*

  80. Owen Molgren

    Owen Molgren

    День тому

    Hahahhh my home state created the shaq meme yay :p

  81. Huba Kovács

    Huba Kovács

    День тому

    THE MEMES!!!

  82. Thebigdount 101

    Thebigdount 101

    День тому

    Can we get will smith on this

  83. sam weisenburger

    sam weisenburger

    День тому

    big shaq

  84. thenumberone beast

    thenumberone beast

    День тому

    who else came here after seeing that meme.🤣🤣

  85. Daniel Jesús Valencia Sánchez

    Daniel Jesús Valencia Sánchez

    День тому

    You should invite me for some hot wings.

  86. Daniel Jesús Valencia Sánchez

    Daniel Jesús Valencia Sánchez

    День тому

    You never have to be politically correct. Sometimes you need to be polite, though.

  87. Robert Lee

    Robert Lee

    День тому

    shaqs face looks like my dogs ass.

  88. vaz


    День тому

    This came up when i searched up black guy eating spicy wings

  89. Louis Vild

    Louis Vild

    День тому

    Ill have some shaq sauce...

  90. MLG Brony

    MLG Brony

    День тому

    11:19 thank me later

  91. Hikari5050


    День тому

    11:15 exact time he said "we're on five" then he said "shaq on six" in exact 11:16. :0

  92. Alvaro


    День тому

    Shaq: Kansas don't know anything about hot wings... Kansas: tf you say to me???!... Shaq: 18:28

  93. Luka Markovic

    Luka Markovic

    День тому

    pee pee kaa kaa :)

  94. Antonio Moran

    Antonio Moran

    День тому

    21:57 is what you came for

  95. Klemen Bandelj

    Klemen Bandelj

    2 дні тому

    when your GF says: "we need to talk" 18:30

    • Justin W.

      Justin W.

      19 годин тому

      EDIT: you when your GF says: “we need to talk” 35:26 Ha you thought

  96. Vanessa Rodriguez

    Vanessa Rodriguez

    2 дні тому

    and i - oop

  97. Zar'roc Nyx

    Zar'roc Nyx

    2 дні тому

    Bro this is where the meme is from!

  98. MoonFace Productions

    MoonFace Productions

    2 дні тому

    Imagine if he took a chicken wing from the wrong end of the board

  99. HORUS317


    2 дні тому

    memes all.the way......

  100. Isaac Martin

    Isaac Martin

    2 дні тому

    11:20 when the poop goes down