Childhood Crushes

Did we name any of your favorites?
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  1. Brook Nook

    Brook Nook

    35 хвилин тому

    Kristine and I have the same type I think 😂😂😂 rugged, powerful,and often times much older than I 😂

  2. Bob Jeff

    Bob Jeff

    40 хвилин тому

    0:54 lol that’s not a man

  3. Poppyseed


    Годину тому

    My childhood crush was marceline from adventure time owo" I also loved the evil green girl from wander over yonder (she sang "im the bad guy) IM SORRY BUT THOSE DAMN HIPS

  4. Jessica DiSalvo

    Jessica DiSalvo

    Годину тому

    "It was the chair" omigodddd im wheezingg

  5. Kei Chan senpai

    Kei Chan senpai

    Годину тому

    One of the cutest and great crush midoriya

  6. Skyひばり


    Годину тому

    5:09 JIMIN!

  7. Felix Bogart

    Felix Bogart

    Годину тому

    Is the thumbnail Light from Death Note and Ichigo from Bleach

  8. Raven-Stars


    4 години тому

    The move of the girl thorn in to a cat and i love that move

  9. Snøw Føx Aløne

    Snøw Føx Aløne

    4 години тому

    tall dark hair smart Iida Tenya?

  10. Mediocre Indigo

    Mediocre Indigo

    4 години тому

    Wasn't Touya bisexual?

  11. cassidog2


    5 годин тому

    Bruh my childhood crushes were mainly from the anime Hetalia, and that shame still follows me to this day.

  12. Sierra Johnson

    Sierra Johnson

    5 годин тому

    Inuyasha is beautiful

  13. Wimble Bimble

    Wimble Bimble

    6 годин тому

    My anime crush, since I still consider me a child(I'm 14), is Haruyuki Arita. I admit... I have an obsession with fat anime characters. More so guy, anime characters.

  14. Dabbin'Unic0rn


    6 годин тому

    Seto Kiba is my whole husband...❤❤❤😍😍🤤👅

  15. Svtfoe And More

    Svtfoe And More

    6 годин тому

    My childhood crushes: Sonic (I don't freaking know why, i was a weird child) Haruka Tenou ( I was a kid at the time, I watched one of the episodes from S, When i saw her for the first time i was like, ( Sexuality.exe stopped working), i wasn't into Sailor Moon at the time, but now its my favourite anime, of all time. Marco Diaz- I started to have a crush on him like in 7th grade, like wtf, (P.S Tomco is best ship in SVTFOE)

  16. Dabbin'Unic0rn


    6 годин тому

    Mine is the guy from Splash Free!! the anime... The mad serious one😍😍 0:35

  17. Lethal Gamer21034

    Lethal Gamer21034

    7 годин тому

    I was in love with both nastu dragneel from fairy tail and deku from my hero academia ❤️❤️❤️ I loved them all and still do! Even though they are not real.... don’t worry my crushes I wil, still and forever love you.... I still wanna join the fairy tail guild.... R.I.P me

  18. Yukio


    7 годин тому

    part 2 aaaaaaaah

  19. LadyFlameSniper


    8 годин тому

    Legolas dad is hot. I'm with her on this one.

  20. Done With Idiot

    Done With Idiot

    8 годин тому

    *I saw Kyo and clicked it.* *Fun fact : I also was in love with Kyo when I was in 5th grade too! XD*

  21. jean abella

    jean abella

    9 годин тому

    XD The orange haired-guy looks like kyo from 'Fruits Basket'

  22. Bumble Graal

    Bumble Graal

    10 годин тому

    Omg the last unicorn, classic

  23. Laser wolf

    Laser wolf

    11 годин тому

    Is it true the the blue clues guy was a pedophile

  24. Corrupted_C00K13 》

    Corrupted_C00K13 》

    12 годин тому

    The only fictional person I found attractive was somehow Andy from toy story 3 xD(when hes grown up) Idk why cos I was like 10 that time wtf lol

  25. ilovekookieandasipoftae leJindary!

    ilovekookieandasipoftae leJindary!

    12 годин тому


  26. Swaggy Sag

    Swaggy Sag

    12 годин тому

    I pee’d

  27. [ Glowter22 ]

    [ Glowter22 ]

    13 годин тому

    Neeeddd moaoaaar

  28. Drawing Alis

    Drawing Alis

    13 годин тому

    I liked Light because he was a Psycho, i Love psychopaths or yanderes...idk

  29. Kurumi -Chan

    Kurumi -Chan

    14 годин тому

    I see you guys are a girl of a culture.

  30. o o f

    o o f

    17 годин тому

    Why is nobody talking about when she had a crush on Nicholas Cage?

  31. Catty Noir

    Catty Noir

    17 годин тому


  32. Sleepy's sad

    Sleepy's sad

    17 годин тому

    my childhood crush shoutout to the *air* it does not get enough love edit: WHY HAS NO ONE MENTIONED SORA FROM MIIRA NO KAIKATA HES A PERFECT HUSBANDO

  33. MTBrains Bro

    MTBrains Bro

    18 годин тому

    Do you dub anime characters?

  34. lil meow meow

    lil meow meow

    18 годин тому

    My crush right now: *Adrien Agreste/ Cat Noir* 🥺🐱🖤💚

  35. d a v e

    d a v e

    19 годин тому


  36. Anime Kitten

    Anime Kitten

    20 годин тому

    * dies when they said the guy from blues clues *

  37. Mia Perez

    Mia Perez

    21 годину тому

    Right now I’m in love with todoroki form my hero academia 😂 god damn that boy was finely drawn He’s my boyfriend 😂

  38. Shy Blob Of Social Anxiety

    Shy Blob Of Social Anxiety

    21 годину тому

    OMG YASS I love Fruits Basket! I had a crush on both Yuki and Kyo

  39. ŦHΣ ƟŦᗛƘỰ


    22 години тому

    I watched death note nine years ago. I rewatch it every year which means now I watched it 9 times. Every single time *i got re-obsessed with L*

  40. fbi stopper

    fbi stopper

    22 години тому

    Typical girls

  41. Toxic-Mind-Honey


    22 години тому

    Soooo my childhood crush was Jareth The Goblin King played by David Bowie from the Labyrinth

  42. Fireflowers58


    23 години тому

    The fact that this gave me giddy 2am boy talks at a sleep over feels is everything. Thank you for this ☺️

  43. PretzonPretzel


    23 години тому

    See mom having crushes on anime characters isn’t weird girls have it too.

  44. panda express and sprite

    panda express and sprite

    День тому

    I feel bad Ive only watched blues clues outta *all of these* 😶

  45. Skarlet


    День тому

    I got one right now at 15. Kabal's unburnt design in Mortal Kombat 11. *I'm waiting.*

  46. Geeves


    День тому

    Jeremy Sumpter's Peter Pan was my first fictional crush too!!!! ❤❤❤

  47. Geeves


    День тому

    I was definitely in love with Yuki from Fruits Basket 😍

  48. Actually Haruto

    Actually Haruto

    День тому

    I dont even know why im watching this

  49. Crystal Skeates

    Crystal Skeates

    День тому

    I wish I had girlfriends!!! I miss laughing about silly stuff ^_^

  50. Dream Xhan

    Dream Xhan

    День тому

    I need to know, how do you make ur animations so flawless with the audio. TEACH ME MASTER EMILY!😭

  51. Lumine Fantazie

    Lumine Fantazie

    День тому

    I agree with ur crushes cause their my crushes too UwU

  52. Ravenkey Wolf

    Ravenkey Wolf

    День тому

    Yes death note also this sounds like a sleepover

  53. •Cloudy태•


    День тому

    boy with luv in the end!!!

  54. Hiro-ki


    День тому

    I want a second part! xD

  55. o0FantasyWorlds0o


    День тому

    i enjoy watching you talking with your self, i hate it when you invite other people in your video , so i wont watch this one , i will skip

  56. Kawaii Chicken

    Kawaii Chicken

    День тому

    Omaygod HITORI YASSSSS but Yuki is rlly cute And in reality I could not choose -3-

  57. Mo Van Weert

    Mo Van Weert

    День тому

    My cartoon crush is adrien agreste he's in my profile pic and my celebrity crush is colby brock

  58. Luna


    День тому

    0:35 *fangirling intensifies*

  59. Jennifer Wong

    Jennifer Wong

    День тому

    You should just make a series of you and your friends talking about random stuff

  60. Yuuki Sketches

    Yuuki Sketches

    День тому

    She like 'em smart We like 'em rich WE LIKE 'EM PRETTY TOO

  61. Hxestia


    День тому

    my favorites are: L - death note Kyoya - ouran high school Tamaki - ouran high school Eren - attack on titan Levi - attack on titan (hE'S HOT OK)

  62. R0BL0X YouTube

    R0BL0X YouTube

    День тому

    Idk how I found this channel and I’m a boy... mine was Misty from Pokemon

    • R0BL0X YouTube

      R0BL0X YouTube

      День тому

      I just said I’m I boy cus yall seem to be girls

  63. Drawing Alis

    Drawing Alis

    День тому


  64. Spice Rat

    Spice Rat

    День тому

    Okay but guys... Howl Jenkins from Howl’s Moving Castle

  65. Gal Golombek

    Gal Golombek

    День тому

    So funny!

  66. Nurul Aini Ahmad

    Nurul Aini Ahmad

    День тому

    I'm not sure but 100% sure some would agree.... gray fullbuster from fairy tail *HOT* tomoe from kamisama kiss *HOT* usui takumi from maid sama *HOT ×100*

  67. Shrika Mandem

    Shrika Mandem

    День тому

    How do you draw so good? Any tips on how to draw anime/manga better? I am a total beginner so I would love if you tell me what online software you use... This will help me to create my own youtube channel, for fun :). As all of my friends do it > .

  68. WeaboWolfie 09

    WeaboWolfie 09

    День тому

    Omg I wanted to kiss Sasska and my lady crush was Lucy from fair tail XD

  69. WeaboWolfie 09

    WeaboWolfie 09

    День тому

    Lamo I have i childhood crush on a few cute anime boys but 1. Harry form Potter Potter and Oliver Woods 2. Sasska from naurto 3. Gray form fair tail 4. Jacob Blake for twilight 5. Liu Woods from CreepyPast 6. Fan form seven deadly sins 7. Peter from Peter Pan 8. More-senpai form host club 10. Kirito from sword arts online

  70. Alyssa Matsuoka

    Alyssa Matsuoka

    День тому

    My ultimate husband, boyfriend, lover, fantasy: Rin Matsuoka from Free. Don’t ask me why I just completely fell in love with him at the age of 14. He was so emotional when it came to his friends, he was passionate, and not to mention his cleavage.

  71. Hannah Basilio

    Hannah Basilio

    День тому

    I’m making Emily x Steve fanart and you CANNOT stop me

  72. Hashtag_Suzy Cole

    Hashtag_Suzy Cole

    День тому

    Hitori is also my man 😣😣😣

  73. febi and chila the cute sisters febi and chila

    febi and chila the cute sisters febi and chila

    День тому

    Did emirichu just add "boy with luv" By BTS ini the last part 😝

  74. CatKat15


    День тому

    OK so I had a HUGE crush on Robin from teen titens but the first one, idk I just really loved the mask 😂

  75. Maram Othman

    Maram Othman

    День тому

    It’s so funny I love it 😂

  76. Lavish Strawberry

    Lavish Strawberry

    День тому

    "Steve from blue clues" Me:NO!

  77. Jordan Clark

    Jordan Clark

    День тому

    Sense ur back can u do ur anime crushes now also do my fav is Deku,uraka,Shoto,ilda,bakuygo

  78. Haiyan


    День тому

    Can I say...Sebastian Michales! How. How was he not here. How can you not wanna smooch dat guy

  79. Haiyan


    День тому

    "Like them rich and powerful" and "he's a daddy" are my favourite quotes XD

  80. xX Sweetener Xx

    xX Sweetener Xx

    День тому


  81. Calista


    День тому

    A lot of the guys you girls pointed out i had or have a crush on too!😁❤

  82. 鼻先りん nya nyan

    鼻先りん nya nyan

    День тому

    How to send a fanart to Emirichuu?, Ill send one huhu but I dont know how to..

  83. Shūryū


    День тому

    When the only anime crush you can think about are dudes.. when your a dude.. and straight..

  84. Alivia Pacheco

    Alivia Pacheco

    День тому

    Ummm....Zac EFRON

  85. Bunny Smile

    Bunny Smile

    День тому

    I love webcomics and Xia Yi from Love like cherry blossoms but he taken by Lin Lu

  86. Camila DN

    Camila DN

    День тому

    Build board foreheads Nicholas Cage Elves Money Power Anime

  87. The Massacre

    The Massacre

    День тому

    When you guys mentioned Steve from Blue's Clues it reminded me of my crush on the second host Joe (Donavan Patton), Steve's "younger brother". Lol

  88. You Zhou

    You Zhou

    День тому

    I'm bored so I'ma randomly comment that my childhood crush was Polly from Rolie Polie Olie (jk it was actually Ichigo from Tokyo mew Mew)

  89. Marie Langley

    Marie Langley

    День тому

    I absolutely loved this 😂

  90. Sapphy Sparrow

    Sapphy Sparrow

    День тому

    nah, of all the fruits basket bois I was into the cow guy. I literally dont even remember his name.

  91. my name chef

    my name chef

    День тому


  92. CaptainKiwi


    День тому

    Does she have a myanimelist?

  93. Pumpkinpie 13132

    Pumpkinpie 13132

    День тому

    Me: Ahah. Nah bro look up “Watch out here comes my arrow”Guardians Of The Galaxy. 😏 No hate lol just a joke

  94. Randomly - Geese

    Randomly - Geese

    День тому

    Why do I love this so much? I Want More!

  95. Sophia Bianco

    Sophia Bianco

    День тому

    My best friend has crushes on the sad anime characters L and Aizawa

  96. Sophia Bianco

    Sophia Bianco

    День тому

    I had the biggest anime crush on Katsuki from mha

  97. Marsy Sofy

    Marsy Sofy

    День тому

    I can confirm that Roy Mustang is my ultimate Husband. Boyfriend. Lover. Fantasy as well, and I watched fma last month for the first time... I'm 18...

  98. Momo Ring

    Momo Ring

    День тому

    Childhood crushes: Justin Bieber Zain from One Direction That werewolve dude (whos really hot) from Wizards of Waverly place Some kid from 1st grade named... What was is? Bill? Benny? Billy Bob the third? Benji? Yeah Benji that was his name. 🤠👌🏻

  99. Marsy Sofy

    Marsy Sofy

    День тому


  100. 55Akatsukigirl


    День тому

    This was great!!!