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  1. Nova's Depression

    Nova's Depression

    22 години тому

    Those smiling flowers were more scary than Spider Billie

  2. Regina Salas

    Regina Salas

    22 години тому

    Is a awesome song

  3. Skull Face990

    Skull Face990

    22 години тому

    Me starting the vid :wow pretty cool I’m the middle: uhh okkkk After : wuuuuuut the fffffffffffrrrrrrick AHH Fact: tbh the first time I watched it a ran out of the room and screamed down the hall

  4. Morgan Wenhold

    Morgan Wenhold

    22 години тому

    One the head is to big and the eyebrows need fixed but otherwise I LOVE IT ITS AMAZINGGG

  5. Big Boy

    Big Boy

    22 години тому

    Y'all act like you've never seen a girl turn into a giant rainbow-vomit spider before

  6. GiveMe A name

    GiveMe A name

    22 години тому

    But still the music is good af

  7. Potato Lover

    Potato Lover

    22 години тому

    Looks like a monster from the movie 9.

  8. smithm8965


    22 години тому

    😂Little girl “I’m going to try on this creepy spider sweater.” *she puts on the sweater, then turns into a ugly ass spider with huge teeth* 🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷🕷

  9. Joselyn Flores

    Joselyn Flores

    23 години тому

    I'm dead this thing it really disturbs me.☠️💀👻👽

  10. Unicorn krew Lopez

    Unicorn krew Lopez

    23 години тому

    Me at 0:43 COOL me at 2:00:OMG you look so um ......beautiful?

  11. Smith And Cami

    Smith And Cami

    23 години тому

    The Netflix adaptation.

  12. scarlet grant

    scarlet grant

    23 години тому

    This beat is just sick !!!

  13. Me.gaaan abnce

    Me.gaaan abnce

    23 години тому

    1:37 lol.. thought they were eggs

  14. GamingWithTheGirly !

    GamingWithTheGirly !

    23 години тому

    I love this animation 😍

  15. GamingWithTheGirly !

    GamingWithTheGirly !

    23 години тому

    SCARY 😨😱

  16. Yan Mai

    Yan Mai

    23 години тому

    This will give me nightmares ;-;

  17. any_ chan

    any_ chan

    23 години тому

    Pobres florcitas :'v

  18. Alejandro Palafoz Glez

    Alejandro Palafoz Glez

    23 години тому


  19. Grila Tube

    Grila Tube

    23 години тому

    *When estás bien agustin buscando una canción de la comunidad LGBT+ but te aparece una canción de Billie* -;; Haber, haber, ¿Qué pasó aquí? :v. -;; A veces cuando planeas una cosa, te sale otra completamente diferente :D *Inserte meme aquí*

  20. Silver The lime Floof

    Silver The lime Floof

    23 години тому

    I’m assuming this music video is one of billie’s lucid dreams recreated

  21. Drakkose


    День тому

    Was this made in VRChat or something?

  22. Tigrezz


    День тому

    Why is Billie black? This isn't the boondocks god sake.

  23. Wella Diolazo

    Wella Diolazo

    День тому

    Billie's dad:Billie Billie Billie:yes papa? Billie's dad:eating humans? Billie:no papa... Billie's dad:TELLING LIES? Billie:no papa Billie's dad:open your mouth Billie: *hA ha HA@-@*

  24. bendy the demon 124

    bendy the demon 124

    День тому

    The anime girl is ugly

  25. Melanie ofc eu acho Lopes

    Melanie ofc eu acho Lopes

    День тому

    Billie like👍 Melanie martinez😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  26. Berkeley Henderson

    Berkeley Henderson

    День тому

    Director:ok Billie how people do u want to have nightmares Billie:

  27. Cecilia Coutiño

    Cecilia Coutiño

    День тому

    me encanta Bilie Eilish

  28. Kermit The Frog

    Kermit The Frog

    День тому

    *if I had this spider in my house I’ll legit move houses*

  29. Romina Jimenez

    Romina Jimenez

    День тому

    Like so hablas español y nos sabes ni verás que canta pero igual lo cantas >:""""D

  30. Romina Jimenez

    Romina Jimenez

    День тому

    Like so hablas español y nos sabes ni verás que canta pero igual lo cantas >:""""D

  31. theother veggieburger

    theother veggieburger

    День тому

    Listen to this with ASMR in the background

  32. Murasaki Kokujin

    Murasaki Kokujin

    День тому

    I think the replay button is broken....

  33. J_fatty27 Esparza

    J_fatty27 Esparza

    День тому

    I don’t find this scary Spiders won’t bite you unless they feel threatened

  34. Gymnastics_forever


    День тому

    And I have nightmares

  35. MidoryiaIzuku


    День тому

    billie: *turns into a deadly spider* Venom: **FALLS INLOVE** Miles: **SHOOKETH** Peter: **CHOKES ON BLEACH**

  36. Gaming with Franklin Franklin

    Gaming with Franklin Franklin

    День тому

    I was scared but good song

  37. Gacha Michelle Ramirez

    Gacha Michelle Ramirez

    День тому

    Ummm.... What did I watch

  38. Logan Galusha

    Logan Galusha

    День тому

    egy teen

  39. Salem 16

    Salem 16

    День тому

    Those flowers are me getting ready for summer break and school to be over and spider Billie is finals, depression, and need to find a job all crushing down on me

  40. Pablo C.A.

    Pablo C.A.

    День тому

    This fits Daenerys so much.

  41. Galaxy Kitty

    Galaxy Kitty

    День тому

    why does that face remind me so badly of chucky?? (don’t search up “chucky” unless you’re prepared for scary dolls”

  42. monie Simone

    monie Simone

    День тому

    tf is wrong with this bitch

  43. Findley Barnette

    Findley Barnette

    День тому


  44. Scarlett Osborne

    Scarlett Osborne

    День тому

    Beginning: wow this is cute End: DADDY!!! MOM!!!!! WHAT THE ACTUAL F-/ Night time: -ringing voice- “you should see me in a crown” Me: HELL NO!

  45. g u n s a n d r o s e s

    g u n s a n d r o s e s

    День тому

    What Did She Take In Her Free Time?

  46. Clover Gacha

    Clover Gacha

    День тому

    Is it just me or is this creepy?

  47. Caitlin Rivera

    Caitlin Rivera

    День тому

    This is terrifying yet awesome at the same time

  48. Bobsnitch Plays

    Bobsnitch Plays

    День тому

    Wasn’t that creepy



    День тому

    Is there a reason.

  50. 6ix9ine :

    6ix9ine :

    День тому


  51. Franziene


    День тому


  52. regina davila

    regina davila

    День тому

    no megusta

  53. Star_Struck


    День тому

    What the fuck

  54. Boo Fales

    Boo Fales

    День тому


  55. itallo Gabriel

    itallo Gabriel

    День тому

    MaS QuE bosta...

  56. Brittany Logan

    Brittany Logan

    День тому

  57. ・Natty loves kitty’s・ :3

    ・Natty loves kitty’s・ :3

    День тому

    Oh god I guess this song is horror

  58. larienoferyndor


    День тому

    1:04 is my favorite part

  59. sherry mcphedran

    sherry mcphedran

    День тому

    Oh crap !

  60. Plecca Bot

    Plecca Bot

    День тому


  61. Glitchy Biscuit

    Glitchy Biscuit

    День тому

    *nigthmare fuel*

  62. Curly Cutie

    Curly Cutie

    День тому

    The flowers are me low key👌

  63. Luna Z kay

    Luna Z kay

    День тому

    Sentí un poco de incomodidad con el monstruo :(

  64. Anime-ations


    День тому

    “ *crown* “

  65. Suzy Kim

    Suzy Kim

    День тому

    Ля, жутко, но мне нравки

  66. Angelina B

    Angelina B

    День тому

    I didnt know she was so into spiders lol😂❤️

  67. Awesomeness075


    День тому

    0:04 when scoliosis strikes

  68. RegalKarma68


    День тому

    omg I love it but at the same time gives me nightmares and is creepy but I just love billie

  69. LaXeRoN SWAG

    LaXeRoN SWAG

    День тому

  70. Woolfie McPoshinson

    Woolfie McPoshinson

    День тому

    I want the real Billie *Watches original video of song* I said the real Billie *sees anime version* I said the real Billie *sees giant spider* Perfection

  71. ' ' WhisperingPictures ' '

    ' ' WhisperingPictures ' '

    День тому

    Why she look like if billie was in dragon ball super or just an anime character xD

  72. Chris Nelessen

    Chris Nelessen

    День тому

    Just here for all the cliche, overused internet comments...

  73. León Martt

    León Martt

    День тому

    1:53 Vive sin drogas 2:16 No hizo caso 2:23 Ya valió verga 2:33 No me quiero ir, Sr. Stark 2:46 Ayosh

  74. Owendyck Randomplayz

    Owendyck Randomplayz

    День тому

    alsO this lOw key scares me. D:

  75. Owendyck Randomplayz

    Owendyck Randomplayz

    День тому

    why dO yOu lOOk sO mad?

  76. Addie Smith

    Addie Smith

    День тому

    Therapist: Spider Billie isn’t real, she can’t hurt you This video: *exists*

  77. XIIUltraMarineCamIIX


    День тому

    So depressing

  78. 林春花


    День тому

    I like the video

  79. Lillianna Castro

    Lillianna Castro

    День тому

    13: Woah so understandable 19: wth

  80. marian peres hernadez

    marian peres hernadez

    День тому

    he wants to kill us Billie eilosh

  81. hi I like bts

    hi I like bts

    День тому

    At first I was like, “Oh this is cool” but then I was like “*_OKAY WHAT THE FLAPJACK IS HAPPENING_*”

  82. Taylyn Langan

    Taylyn Langan

    День тому

    1:53 aww 2:47 erm

  83. aby lopez

    aby lopez

    День тому

    Te amoooo ❤

  84. unicorn world Dimitra

    unicorn world Dimitra

    День тому

    Im scared spiders but this video make me scared even more spiders 😓😓😓❤❤❤🕷🕷

  85. Żabka


    День тому

    I love u billie

  86. Vincent Hamzaoui

    Vincent Hamzaoui

    День тому

    The guy who made this is really quirky, haha

  87. jojo lulu

    jojo lulu

    День тому

    I want more!!!!Thats is so fantastic!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  88. mia tina

    mia tina

    День тому

    I'm not american but i'm going to pretend to be! *TRADUÇÃO* Eu não sou americana mas vou fingir ser Se vc estava procurando um comentário brasileiro,parabéns,vc achou! *TRANSLATION* If you were looking for a Branzilian comment,congratulations,you found it! Eu só tenho 2 palavras para lhe dizer: PARA BÉNS!!!

  89. Hivory já vi

    Hivory já vi

    День тому

    Bom dia billie, tenho a dizer que o videoclip está muito bem feito e que representa exactamente o medo das pessoas, inclusive o meu. E que agradeço todas as música que fizeste pq todas elas eram necessárias. Que fiquei dislumbrada com a maneira como expuseste as coisas e que sei que sabes que na realidade não é assim e que também não vai ser. Que o mundo conspira para ser melhor e não o contrário. P.s- detesto filmes de terror exactamente pq costumam ser um exagero do caralho

  90. radiation pops

    radiation pops

    День тому

    the only reason I listen to billie is cause she makes low key great music

  91. radiation pops

    radiation pops

    День тому

    If this scares you ur a puss

  92. Javex Gamer

    Javex Gamer

    День тому

    Me at the start: dang you cute in animation Me in 2:00: hell nah😵

  93. Saravana Priya

    Saravana Priya

    День тому

    Spiders left the chat 😂

  94. Alice The demonic angel

    Alice The demonic angel

    День тому

    She has herself been as a spider its kinda scary but i like it

  95. Barley


    День тому

    Cool animation, song is trash, but it’s hard to avoid that

  96. Paul Crowley

    Paul Crowley

    День тому

    Fifa 19 been out for ages

  97. Xynoly


    День тому

    FIFA 19

  98. Cactoplant ;-;

    Cactoplant ;-;

    День тому

    that video is enough to give spiderman arachnophobia I swear.

  99. Sir Dave

    Sir Dave

    День тому

    My deranged chemically altered brain approves of this video.

  100. Mavon


    День тому

    What the is that