Best Of Pick Up And Kill It 🎤🔥 (Vol. 1) | Wild 'N Out | MTV

The beat KNOCKS and the bars NEVER end, but who has that #1 spot? Peep the Best Of "Pick Up And Kill It" NOW! 🙌
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Nick Cannon Presents: Wild 'N Out delivers lightning-fast improv and head-to-head battles, helmed by the master of ceremonies, Nick Cannon. The stakes are high as teams face off in a series of visceral, hip-hop-edged comedy showdowns, all culminating in a rap battle for the championship belt.


  1. Toni - Ann

    Toni - Ann

    14 годин тому

    The Jamaican Part Tho 😂🇯🇲

  2. Brian Gonzales

    Brian Gonzales

    14 годин тому

    Get Eminem in here😂

  3. Ice Noflex

    Ice Noflex

    14 годин тому

    Son was so hype he didn’t even finish his rhyme 😂

  4. Liyah Blue

    Liyah Blue

    15 годин тому

    whole damn thing was lit

  5. Samaria Russell

    Samaria Russell

    16 годин тому

    Justina is the best of all because she is good at pick up and kill it she is better than nick

  6. Samaria Russell

    Samaria Russell

    16 годин тому

    I always watch wild n out when I am bored all. of y'all raps are very good

  7. Helena Kumah

    Helena Kumah

    17 годин тому

    Numbers 12,11,6,7 should be top 10

  8. xavierfromthegram x

    xavierfromthegram x

    20 годин тому

    number 20 is the best

  9. John T Leyva

    John T Leyva

    20 годин тому

    Hell yeah been waiting on thos

  10. Sultan Keljmendi

    Sultan Keljmendi

    23 години тому

    13.20 😁😁

  11. Keke edits Walker

    Keke edits Walker

    День тому


  12. iammarilyn


    День тому

    When they said Army all I thought of was BTS😂! ARMY!💜

  13. DJ Kayoz

    DJ Kayoz

    День тому

    This is hands down my favorite game on this show.

  14. Shauntel Anderson

    Shauntel Anderson

    День тому

    Wack boy fat boy drop give me 50

  15. Alex and Leah fan Iyla

    Alex and Leah fan Iyla

    День тому

    I accidentally paused on the thumb nail 0:05

  16. samia chatman

    samia chatman

    День тому

    11 ,9 , 2,1 favs and one about police

  17. Devin’s An Idiot

    Devin’s An Idiot

    День тому

    Can we just say anything with Chance is the best

  18. Xxxsniper_killaXxx Sniper gang

    Xxxsniper_killaXxx Sniper gang

    День тому

    15 funny mike there

  19. Leslie Daniels

    Leslie Daniels

    День тому

    I love justina

  20. Xxxsniper_killaXxx Sniper gang

    Xxxsniper_killaXxx Sniper gang

    День тому

    Not true my girl cheated on me

  21. Juan Diego Enriquez

    Juan Diego Enriquez

    День тому

    Lmao 8:26

  22. Dometria Boozer

    Dometria Boozer

    День тому

    love you justina love destiny

  23. Johhnyjohhny2


    День тому

    6:27 I was dieng

  24. Tammy Mitchell

    Tammy Mitchell

    День тому

    I love 14

  25. Marquise Wisher

    Marquise Wisher

    День тому

    Those Army bars tho

  26. DotnatioN


    День тому

    women don't cheat? evidence? rofl women actually cheat as much or even more than men by good studies

  27. E.N.V. Playz

    E.N.V. Playz

    День тому

    5:08 that flow tho👀🔥

  28. sherwin lixn

    sherwin lixn

    День тому

    look at the batman at the back 13:46

  29. Cashes Anna

    Cashes Anna

    День тому

    Nick cannon you need to get yo mans on a new show 💀

  30. Arianna Edington

    Arianna Edington

    День тому

    I swear Jess is so small on number 3 she was tryna get seen but she got all the tall niggas on her team

  31. Its Cecilia

    Its Cecilia

    День тому


  32. Rickayla Wright

    Rickayla Wright

    День тому

    Honestly when I see people imitate us Jamaicans I literally cry the level of laughter...lmao who sounds like that?

  33. Milana


    День тому

    Pick up and Kill it and kill it and kill it

  34. TV Scenezz

    TV Scenezz

    День тому

    Lowkey, wild 'n out is the new soul train

  35. warren che

    warren che

    День тому

    who's that dude(the guest) from #2?

  36. Kenneth Cox

    Kenneth Cox

    День тому

    Number 6 was too smoove

  37. Ashley Finauga

    Ashley Finauga

    2 дні тому

    Conceited and Justina are so cute during their round lol 😂😂

  38. GameFreak_042


    2 дні тому

    I died after that lol.. 13:37

  39. Tatiana Fair

    Tatiana Fair

    2 дні тому

    bro nick starts screaming “pick up and kill it” when he wants to win or thinks he won😤

  40. You have nerd neck Boi

    You have nerd neck Boi

    2 дні тому

    I like how knick is repping ny even though he from cali Btw west coast best coast

  41. Destiny Wells

    Destiny Wells

    2 дні тому


  42. EED Squad

    EED Squad

    2 дні тому

    chance the rapper was lit asf🔥🔥

  43. Roger Wheeler

    Roger Wheeler

    2 дні тому


  44. Sophia_ Joker

    Sophia_ Joker

    2 дні тому

    How tf do they have MGK but not Eminem .....😭😭😭

  45. Noah bushcraft

    Noah bushcraft

    2 дні тому

    Women do cheat my girl cheated on me wit someone

  46. Bat Wayne

    Bat Wayne

    2 дні тому

    who's the guy at 5:08?

  47. Ja'Kaylyn Guy

    Ja'Kaylyn Guy

    2 дні тому

    I’m dead on how Chico Bean said Aye yo Emmanuel at 9:43 I’m sleep lol

  48. Ty Jones

    Ty Jones

    2 дні тому

    Justina won everyone

  49. Kimmie Swan

    Kimmie Swan

    2 дні тому

    3:59 MY FAVORITE yea but you just look stupid with them slides on i know u aint hooping you aunt no athlete i know u was broken WHAT THE F*** HAVE U BEEN SMOKING.../ BARSSSSSSSSSS

  50. Kimmie Swan

    Kimmie Swan

    2 дні тому

    5:41 omg ewwwww that lady in the crowd LMAAOAOAOOAOAAOAOA

  51. Zakira McGowan

    Zakira McGowan

    2 дні тому

    This should be a remix 🙏

  52. Stephanie Gomez

    Stephanie Gomez

    2 дні тому

    Emmanuel needs more recognition🔥🔥🔥

  53. brian cortes

    brian cortes

    2 дні тому

    The MGK one was kinda weak 😬 but nick did good so only means one thing lmao

  54. Ty M

    Ty M

    2 дні тому

    The pokito thing killed me

  55. LiL CarMel

    LiL CarMel

    2 дні тому

    “I am a tiger..I am GREATTTTTT BITCH”

  56. NBA freshkid

    NBA freshkid

    2 дні тому

    Con and clips was the best 🤣

  57. kevin084life


    2 дні тому

    No. 14 got Conceited jealous lol 😂

  58. Fudging1D Garel

    Fudging1D Garel

    2 дні тому


  59. itzgoodgirl102 playsmsp

    itzgoodgirl102 playsmsp

    2 дні тому

    mostly some girls cheat ._.

  60. Bardhi06


    2 дні тому

    someone plz get me the beat

  61. suzaku90


    2 дні тому

    NUMBER 1 was just like - wait for it - wait for it! SIC! :D

  62. Olive Tree

    Olive Tree

    2 дні тому

    SO many lyrics they could WRITE A BOOK



    2 дні тому

    I low key think justina be having 3somes with hitman and con

  64. Prince Neo

    Prince Neo

    3 дні тому

    Can you guyz do a episode with j cole

  65. Joey Xavier

    Joey Xavier

    3 дні тому

    Whose the guest in number 13?

  66. Diamond Jacobs

    Diamond Jacobs

    3 дні тому

    Chance the rapper snapped at the end. Lol

  67. Aye aye boy

    Aye aye boy

    3 дні тому

    Can't do anything against DC

  68. Garrett Smith

    Garrett Smith

    3 дні тому


  69. nancy yang

    nancy yang

    3 дні тому

    #7 Charron is pretty awesome!!!🤪🤣💜 Con & Justina!!!🤪💜💜💜 Justina & Chico!!!

  70. Hoshhy


    3 дні тому


  71. Chase Corbin

    Chase Corbin

    3 дні тому

    The one’s in ATL without the beat are fire but still just straight up awkward 😂 keep the beat on🤦🏻‍♂️

  72. KAI ITC


    3 дні тому

    U should have lil pump pls.😋😇😅😍😘

  73. VikVat 27

    VikVat 27

    3 дні тому


  74. Osweet18360


    3 дні тому

    How can you not love Chance the Rapper?

  75. MutGoat


    3 дні тому

    number 7 will always be the best

    • Marcin Stańczyk

      Marcin Stańczyk

      3 дні тому

      What's the name of this guy?

  76. AutoFill Correct

    AutoFill Correct

    3 дні тому

    That white dude wearing black was fire asf

  77. Livia Wertz

    Livia Wertz

    3 дні тому

    Di - did he really say the N word 🤣🤣 number 17

  78. Nizaiah Cody

    Nizaiah Cody

    3 дні тому

    2:32 oofff

  79. Doby


    3 дні тому

    Karlos sounded like nick really don’t pay him😂😂😂

  80. Chachi


    3 дні тому

    I watch this when im sad cus it always makes me laugh😭

  81. Tbh Gallixrd

    Tbh Gallixrd

    3 дні тому

    Cheating is something women always do-

  82. Malte Kock Svanvall

    Malte Kock Svanvall

    4 дні тому

    Fml if 8 isn't Ice cube vs Dmx

  83. L-M -S-Rs

    L-M -S-Rs

    4 дні тому

    Chico Bean and Emmanuel Hudson are a epic duo just hearing “Ayo, EMMANUEL” got me exited every time I know I’m gonna die laughing 😂

  84. Ron B

    Ron B

    4 дні тому

    I don’t know if I tripping but did mgk say the n word 2:31

  85. Elijah Ragoo

    Elijah Ragoo

    4 дні тому

    Loll at Emanuel at 5:53 "When your siblings having a roast off but you know everything bout everybody"

  86. Woozy


    4 дні тому

    #15 was personal lol

  87. MrBloodyD


    4 дні тому

    #2 was the best one. DC talking bout Justina voice sounding like a dirt bike was funny too tho.

  88. EED Squad

    EED Squad

    4 дні тому

    0:54 “grrrrreat... BITCH !😂



    4 дні тому

    #2 is my favourite

  90. Xavier Mathis

    Xavier Mathis

    4 дні тому

    6 is slept on

  91. Nazier Harding

    Nazier Harding

    4 дні тому

    13:00 jamaican rap

  92. Frankie Connor

    Frankie Connor

    4 дні тому

    Machine gun kelly ruined this vid. Fucking nonse

  93. _ ITSDUG

    _ ITSDUG

    4 дні тому

    11 was 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  94. Vanessa Milano

    Vanessa Milano

    4 дні тому

    6) chico & Emmanuel they schould do a mixtape

  95. Quinton Staggers

    Quinton Staggers

    4 дні тому

    U can do anything except call me a nigga😂😂😂😂😂😂

  96. Adigwe .s. Charles

    Adigwe .s. Charles

    4 дні тому

    DC very funny

  97. James Official

    James Official

    4 дні тому

    Are you are small UA-channelr who wants to grow?? Subscribe to my channel and i promise to subscribe back!!

  98. bluiescshconch44


    4 дні тому

    Last one was not the best

  99. HouseHeadShan


    4 дні тому

    Always with the dirt bike 😩🤣 DEAD love all you wild n out crew big love all from the UK💙

  100. anxbelle


    4 дні тому

    "why do your bars sOund lIke a dIrT bIke yKnnnEeeee" IM DYING 1:29