Avengers Endgame Theory: THEY WILL FAIL (Second Snap?)

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Avengers Endgame Opening Scene Theory! Could the Avengers fail AGAIN? What missable details in the Avengers Endgame trailer could provide clues to the Endgame story, and how the Avengers could suffer another humiliating defeat against Thanos? Erik Voss analyzes the Endgame footage and clues hinted by the filmmakers to produce a theory for how Endgame could follow in the footsteps of past MCU installments -- Avengers Infinity War, Captain America Civil War, Avengers Age of Ultron, and Captain America Winter Soldier. Can Thanos snap AGAIN? Was Infinity War originally planned to have an alternate ending? Which Avenger will die first in Endgame?
Come join Erik for his live comedy show, DARKEST TIMELINE COMEDY, with special guests Maude Garrett, Sam Bashor, and Filup Molina. Friday, April 5, at 8pm at the ACME Theater in North Hollywood. Tickets HERE: www.eventbrite.com/e/darkest-timeline-comedy-tickets-59093262539
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  1. Daniel Zagal Galvan

    Daniel Zagal Galvan

    7 годин тому

    i really dont know

  2. Isaac_Regalado12


    2 дні тому

    what if thanos didn’t know how to snap lmao

  3. Jessica Carter

    Jessica Carter

    5 днів тому

    I am a kid so please don't say bad words

  4. patrice davis

    patrice davis

    6 днів тому

    I think it’s cap who’s gonna die. I just feel like it’s the last time we will see him.

  5. Dhairya Shah

    Dhairya Shah

    7 днів тому

    Why is it tgat every theory revolves around Thanos?? Is there not a possibility of another villian that comes in the way of the Avengers and then Thanos and the Avengers TEAM up to come over a major threat??? That is why the movie must be three hours long???

  6. Hingle McCringleberry

    Hingle McCringleberry

    7 днів тому

    I feel like Hawkeye will have a much larger role like in the comics

  7. Apurva Kardekar

    Apurva Kardekar

    7 днів тому

    I think that black wido is the most likely person to die in Avengers 4

  8. dave sargent

    dave sargent

    9 днів тому

    I think this early battle is on Xandar. Right after Thanos gets the power stone.

  9. Veczey


    10 днів тому

    Captain America will die

  10. Alexander Anderson

    Alexander Anderson

    11 днів тому

    Captain America

  11. Andy3hunnid


    11 днів тому

    mooooooove on

  12. catalin dale

    catalin dale

    11 днів тому

    Captain marvel will dye in the beginning or middle

  13. Johann Lingauer

    Johann Lingauer

    12 днів тому


  14. spooder man

    spooder man

    13 днів тому


  15. Lane Nolan

    Lane Nolan

    13 днів тому

    Captain America will die!



    13 днів тому

    But if thanos snaps again wont everyone in the universe die? So there would be no one else left? 🤔

    • Gustavo Curo

      Gustavo Curo

      12 днів тому

      No, what the hell???

  17. Logan Cowper

    Logan Cowper

    14 днів тому

    I think Cap will stay back in time with Peggy Carter

  18. Tlewy


    14 днів тому

    Last time we took their word we learned that they lied about the title never being said

  19. Monetization


    14 днів тому

    Have you guys seen the Instagram trailer? It has some extra things that weren’t in the official one.

  20. Emanuel Nebyou

    Emanuel Nebyou

    14 днів тому

    Captain America is weak

  21. James Denny

    James Denny

    14 днів тому

    why when the people were dusted in infinity war did their clothes turn to dust also ?

  22. Drew1985ism


    14 днів тому

    But the gauntlet is damaged though. I think Dr. Strange put some kind of spell on the time stone.

  23. Crazy_SN


    15 днів тому


  24. Laura Stephenson

    Laura Stephenson

    15 днів тому

    its call'd end game they are going to end the fight

  25. pokyueweng


    15 днів тому

    I think the Avengers kill Thanos in a rematch but finds out that they can't undo the Snap. Years later they discover the Quantum Realm machine and travel back in time to collect the stones before Thanos.

  26. Blaze Gaming

    Blaze Gaming

    15 днів тому

    Captain America because his contract ends after endgame

  27. kid vicious

    kid vicious

    15 днів тому

    Nothing about captain marvel makes sense and it doesn't fit in the MCU timeline.

  28. kid vicious

    kid vicious

    15 днів тому

    Captain Marvel ruined avengers for me:(

  29. Golden tiger

    Golden tiger

    15 днів тому

    Didn't dr strange say that the only way was to give Thanos the stone so they could win

  30. Griffin Patkau

    Griffin Patkau

    16 днів тому

    Cap is going to be the one to sacrifice.

  31. Alejandro Sosa Da Silva

    Alejandro Sosa Da Silva

    16 днів тому

    Cap A will die first

  32. The Lying Triangle

    The Lying Triangle

    16 днів тому

    Here's my Theory: The Avengers will won. But alot of people will get hurt and die I won't tell who it is but trust me, you will........

  33. DestroyerATM39


    16 днів тому

    I think Thanos is trying to prevent Galactica from taking over planets. thanos is trying to weaken the planets to weaken Galactica for. part 4

  34. pkmondol


    16 днів тому

    So I think Thanos will snap again that will restore the previous victims and then take out everyone who wasn't snapped the first time. The Eternals will get pissed and their actions (along with the unsnapped Avengers) will play out in MCU Phase 4.

  35. DestroyerATM39


    16 днів тому

    1:23 hamburger

  36. Stance Punk

    Stance Punk

    16 днів тому

    Rocket is gonna be Thanos road kill

  37. Hades Youtube

    Hades Youtube

    16 днів тому

    I feel like some of the original avengers will die, But they wouldn't fail the battle.

  38. Cloverload 123

    Cloverload 123

    16 днів тому

    I’m the voss, I’m the voss, I’m the voss

  39. King B

    King B

    16 днів тому

    Bruce Bc where was he in any fight scene

  40. Oziel Bustillos

    Oziel Bustillos

    16 днів тому


  41. Colby Loutensock

    Colby Loutensock

    16 днів тому

    I think it will begin with thors perspective for the snap then him seeing every body die. Then Hawkeyes family will dust right after

  42. Carrie Honaker

    Carrie Honaker

    17 днів тому

    Captain Marvel

  43. Jason Keahnah-Talbot

    Jason Keahnah-Talbot

    17 днів тому

    If he snaps again it will only bring the life to a 1/4

  44. Bubbles 6969

    Bubbles 6969

    17 днів тому

    He can’t snap again the gauntlet is broken

  45. Ian Kim

    Ian Kim

    17 днів тому

    And also, I think Thor will die first because A) He got A LOT of screentime in Infinity War and B) The trailer didn't have any significant leaks of Thor

  46. Ian Kim

    Ian Kim

    17 днів тому

    Erik, I think the scene where Captain America, Nebula, War Machine, Antman, and Rocket were fighting was at the destroyed Avengers HQ during the sunset. Please comment on your opinion



    17 днів тому

    List of characters confirmed by films to exist, but yet to be seen: Adam Warlock GOTG2 End Credits Eternity GOTG2 Peters awakening Eson The Searcher GOFT1 Collectors History Lesson Alars, Father of Thanos: Avengers 3 Red Skull interaction Living Tribunal: Confirmed by Mordo Doctor Strange Cyttorak: Avengers 3 Strange uses Crimson bands

  48. jherrmainn


    17 днів тому

    I’m sorry but see ya rocket

  49. Mazi Crusades

    Mazi Crusades

    17 днів тому

    Cant wait for the 3rd snap

  50. Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    Subscribe to Pewdiepie

    17 днів тому

    Captain America will probably make a big sacrifice to save the day

    • Mohamed Khatab

      Mohamed Khatab

      14 днів тому

      I really cant stand him, I hope he sacrifices himself early in the film.

  51. Robloxer Kid

    Robloxer Kid

    17 днів тому

    of course they will win i mean this is the last avengers

  52. Jasmanay Rush

    Jasmanay Rush

    17 днів тому

    I think cap is going to die

  53. Hriday Kothalanka

    Hriday Kothalanka

    17 днів тому

    But I heard that Agent K became old?

  54. Hriday Kothalanka

    Hriday Kothalanka

    17 днів тому

    In infinity war, Thanos snapped from the infinity gauntlet and after everyone seems to dust out the gauntlet was seen that it's burning. So there are less chances that he could snap a second time!

  55. win ferrer

    win ferrer

    17 днів тому

    *noone* sorry i mean everyone

  56. Malcolm Guglich

    Malcolm Guglich

    17 днів тому

    5:05 So just ignore the fact that after Avengers: Infinity War, the gauntlet was melted and mangled. No light from stones or anything.

  57. Xander Veer

    Xander Veer

    17 днів тому

    The infinty gauntlet is broken asf so hè need to make another gauntlet

  58. Marvel Bud

    Marvel Bud

    17 днів тому

    I have one question will YONDU UDONTA Come back In the end game

    • Cloverload 123

      Cloverload 123

      16 днів тому


  59. Tavo Maldonado

    Tavo Maldonado

    17 днів тому

    What if Captain marvel got snapped

  60. Jacob Horwitz

    Jacob Horwitz

    17 днів тому

    Yo I think cap has completely gone rouge because his face is dirty and his teeth are white. This could mean less communication. In the last video I watched he said that Thanos was behind cap so that could mean cap is fighting with Thanos.

  61. ItzYourBoyCraze


    18 днів тому

    The gauntlet was destroyed after the first snap and was left only to be used at a lesser power only being able to do basic things I doubt this would happen

  62. Akos Szilagyi

    Akos Szilagyi

    18 днів тому

    It’s simple. We see different versions of the originals( widow with different hairstyles and cap without and with beard) the originals will die and they will bring back different versions of them from different dimensions

  63. Luke Mosteller

    Luke Mosteller

    18 днів тому

    To answer Erik's question: I think thanos may be the first major character to die in act I, perhaps that battle on Titan is the remaining avengers successfully killing him only to discover they now must find a way to resurrect the fallen without anyone being able to wield all the stones like thanos....

  64. Elerin Enanien

    Elerin Enanien

    18 днів тому

    After the latest trailer that come out just now... This might be TRUE!!!!! Jeeesssss you're a seer Erik!!

  65. Bob Schwartz

    Bob Schwartz

    18 днів тому

    I say they kill Thanos and then go back home and after a few years after Scott returns and Thanos finds out and attacks after "Death" send him to stop the Avengers

  66. Jarren Zamora

    Jarren Zamora

    18 днів тому

    Captain America is who I think will die in endgame

  67. Aidan Charles

    Aidan Charles

    18 днів тому

    I think Tony Stark will die because his contract with marvel is almost up.

  68. Ant Ant

    Ant Ant

    18 днів тому

    Cap will die in Endgame sacrificing his life.

  69. D.M. Samson

    D.M. Samson

    18 днів тому

    I honestly think that, IF a major character will die in Endgame at the first act, it has to be War Machine. Sorry, I just don't see him as an important role in all of this.

    • D.M. Samson

      D.M. Samson

      17 днів тому

      +Jay Swallow?

    • Jay


      17 днів тому

      and swallow

  70. BDT Gamer/animating/chooking

    BDT Gamer/animating/chooking

    19 днів тому

    I think war machine or rodey will dye in the first act

  71. thejellos


    19 днів тому

    I think black widow will die and put banner into an infinite rage and after a long time turn into professor hulk

  72. Kyson Flachs

    Kyson Flachs

    19 днів тому

    honestly Captain America (Steve Rogers) has the best chance of death by far

    • Csndy Cat

      Csndy Cat

      17 днів тому

      Kyson Flachs yeah Chris Evans even said that his contact is almost done

  73. ELementalGaming [EMG]

    ELementalGaming [EMG]

    19 днів тому

    Cap or stark will be killed.

  74. Beast Warriar

    Beast Warriar

    19 днів тому


  75. James Brown

    James Brown

    19 днів тому

    Years will pass with everyone still dead; then Antman will emerge from a time-vortex...

  76. Alice. Yes, the one from school/dance

    Alice. Yes, the one from school/dance

    19 днів тому

    also doctor strange in infinity war says that he scanned through some what of amount of ways that it could happen and he said they only won one

  77. Justin T

    Justin T

    19 днів тому

    I’m so curious on wtf they’re going to do like how can you undo the decimation

  78. Eloísa Hernandez

    Eloísa Hernandez

    19 днів тому

    Maybe they will not because how do you think peter Parker was alive just a theory to😜😜

  79. Jude Jonah Jamison

    Jude Jonah Jamison

    19 днів тому


  80. Sangeeta Sharma

    Sangeeta Sharma

    19 днів тому

    are you mad

  81. Stephanie Vasquez

    Stephanie Vasquez

    20 днів тому

    These nuts

  82. Duck McFuddle

    Duck McFuddle

    20 днів тому

    This better not happen. Honestly, I would be so mad at Marvel for doing something like this. I'd probably give up on the franchise as a whole for literally just getting rid of everybody, after building our hopes up with clues about time travel and a way to save the snapped people.

  83. AJ47 Savage boy

    AJ47 Savage boy

    20 днів тому

    0:23 isnt that scott lang (antman)

  84. Eric Kempf

    Eric Kempf

    20 днів тому

    We all know the most likely character to die in Avengers Endgame is Thanos.

  85. YvngSxlar


    20 днів тому

    i feel like black widow or cap is gonna die

  86. simonas zalalis

    simonas zalalis

    20 днів тому

    I don't think they'll fail because Thanos mission was just to kill off half of earths population he didn't want anything more so I doubt that there's gonna be a second snap

  87. serena c

    serena c

    20 днів тому

    arent cap and thor on their last movie contract just kill them off B)

  88. Jj Porras

    Jj Porras

    20 днів тому

    Hulk honestly.

  89. Leejane R Ramirez

    Leejane R Ramirez

    20 днів тому

    but why in the infinty war the stones are broken.. and cant be used again it doesnt make sense..

  90. G A

    G A

    20 днів тому

    looking at the title of the video Me: No No No No No No No just No

  91. Luis Quiroz

    Luis Quiroz

    20 днів тому


  92. Chavez Erik

    Chavez Erik

    21 день тому

    the six original avenger to replace all the 50 percent population.... #endgame

  93. MR. PANDA


    21 день тому

    Don’t you think when Thor said ‘’I like this one’’ he was talking about his hammer

  94. Annalie Navarro

    Annalie Navarro

    21 день тому

    To be honest even though captain marvel can break infinity stones what if tie nemesis came out cause of it does it means another end game 2.0 😂😂😂

  95. Jheff


    21 день тому

    Deadass this will be the hardest month 😂

  96. Anirban De

    Anirban De

    21 день тому

    I think avengers wont fail as doctor strande saw them defeating thanos in alternate universe

  97. Amal Bastin

    Amal Bastin

    21 день тому

    Captain America

  98. I AM THE B3n15

    I AM THE B3n15

    21 день тому

    Captain America

  99. Mikel Winslett

    Mikel Winslett

    21 день тому

    Somebody go get Logan

  100. Mikel Winslett

    Mikel Winslett

    21 день тому

    Thanos can't snap The gauntlet is broken